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Gattaca takes a glimpse into a future that is not too far from our own technology and spins it in a tale of caution. Gattaca, released in 1997, stars Ethan Hawke as Vincent, a man who was born without genetic engineering. Vincent has various health issues, like a heart condition, that label him in this society as in-valid, which keeps him from his dream job of being an astronaut. With the help of a paralyzed man (played by Jude Law) who was in perfect health before an accident, Vincent disguises himself to work his way up to his dream job. Along the way, he meets Irene, played by Uma Thurman, and has to also avoid a police investigation where has been accused of murder.     

Gattaca is interesting because it does not seem as outlandish as some of the other science fiction movies that I love. The setting and technology that is used in the movie seems like something that could be utilized in the near future, which makes it that much more entertaining and concerning. Gattaca does a great job of tackling the current ethical questions that surround genetic technology that might be even more relevant today than they were when Gattaca was released. Gattaca might not be the most remarkable science fiction movie around, and definitely not the most popular, but it raises points that are going to be concerning to us in a way that is interesting as a viewer. 

Gattaca utilizes great tropes from different genres as well, which makes it a great blend of a movie. Of course there’s the science fiction aspects of the movie, but there’s the romantic plot between Irene and Vincent, as well as a police investigation that Vincent is on the run from. Gattaca is a movie that should be on your radar no matter your taste, and it excels at being an all around entertaining movie. 

Gillian Anderson is a journalism major at Emerson College. She's interested in film and loves writing about movies. Gillian's favorite movie is Good Will Hunting and her favorite director is Quentin Tarantino.
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