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‘Rebel’ Songstress — Micah Schure

Micah Schure is a musician through and through. She plays guitar, writes her own songs and can belt out a ballad like the best of them. She may have an edge with both of her parents being in the music industry – her dad was a musician in the 70s and her mom is a top publicist through her own publicity firm, Schure Media – but Micah made a name for herself, with her own talents. Her single, “Rebel” has about 200 hits on iTunes and she has been booking shows left and right here in Boston. There is an EP in the works, to be released later in 2012. Vote for her on College Battle of the Bands, it’s easy, just listen to her song and share with your friends.

Year/Major: 2014, Communication Studies Major

Her Campus Emerson: What are you involved with here on campus?
Micah Schure: I’m a representative for Music Unites – a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing music education to underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems. I’m also a member of Wax on Felt, as a member and I’ve been fortunate to receive a lot of support and help from Wax as a musician.

HCE: How did you get started in the music industry?
MS: I’ve always been around a professional music setting, so you could say I was destined to follow the footsteps of my parents. But deciding on going into music was something I had to discover during high school. I was going through a lot, the typical high school annoyances of boys and drama, but I also lost my house in a fire. I needed a place to channel anything I was feeling. Music made everything not going my way feel unimportant, and immediately I was carefree and happy again.

HCE: What artists inspire you?
MS: If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be? I’m really inspired vocally by Alanis Morissette and Gwen Stefani. Songwriting-wise, I admire John Mayer and Ellie Goulding. And my forever answer to these questions will always be John Mayer. If I could write a song with him, my life is set. 

Photo by Michael Rivera Photography

HCE: Lately you have been playing with a band, right? Is that something you see as continuing, or are you still just a solo artist?
MS: Yes! I love them SO SO SO much! I never plan to be a part of a band, aka Micah and the (insert band name here). I always plan to be solo, but I will obviously always have a band back me up. Acoustic performances are nice and intimate, but nothing feels better than having a beat and bass line behind you.

HCE: How would you describe your music/sound?
MS: I’m still figuring that out. All I know is, I like to write with edge and I like to write truthfully. I hope to take my sound to a new level as I meet new musicians. I’m not a wiz at guitar, so my songwriting is limited in terms of music. Lyrics are my specialty. But the sound I would love to have is a funky, rocky, smart sound that can be played on pop radio. Make sense?

HCE: Do you write all of your own songs, or do you collaborate?
MS: Yes I write all my songs. I’ve never collaborated on more than just a cover of a song. Collaborating on songwriting scares me because I think it’s impressive to have only your name as the credits for a track. But it’s definitely something I’m open to because one mind is great, but two minds are unstoppable.

HCE: You did a music program at Berklee for a semester before coming to Emerson, right? Tell me about that.
MS: Well, I did a songwriting summer program at Berklee the summer of 2010 after graduating high school. But what I do this semester is the pro arts program Emerson offers. I take two classes right now at Berklee, Lyric Writing and Vocal Technique. They’re amazing and have already dramatically changed my songwriting, how I think, how I even write paper here at Emerson, how I sing, etc. I’m extremely conscious of my surroundings and how everything can be turned into a song, and I’m very conscious and deliberate about my singing now. Taking classes at Berklee and networking there has definitely been one of the best things to happen to me.

HCE: What dreams do you have for your career in music?
MS: I just want to be happy. Whether I’m struggling on a cramped apartment living pay check to pay check, or selling out Madison Square Garden in NYC, as long as I’m playing music and writing songs, I’ll be happy.

Hey Collegiettes! I'm Alicia and a senior here at Emerson College. I created my own major called Magazine Studies, incorporating the fields of journalism, publishing and marketing. I want to be a magazine journalist after college, ideally at a mag like Seventeen! I love writing profiles, reviews and about anything television and movies. I'm a sister of Sigma Pi Theta and Co-President of Emerson's community service group, Imagine. 
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