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Quick Outfit Ideas For When You Are Running Late

Picture this: it’s a Monday morning. You have a paper due today for your 8 a.m. with the professor who terrifies you the most. You weren’t up that late (well, we’re in college so 1 a.m. is average) working, so you should have no problem waking up on time. Right? WRONG! You sleep through the three alarms you set for yourself, and your roommate getting up for her 8 a.m. You have ten minutes to get up, get ready, and be out the door. Time to panic. 

If this situation sounds familar, don’t fret! You’re not alone. Here are four outfit ideas for when you find yourself in this sticky situation.

A No-Effort Stylish Look

My favorite thing about this look is that it’s a basic tee. However, by accessorizing it with jewelry and a nice jacket, you change the vibe of the overall outfit! In addition, throwing on a pair of ankle boots allows you to pass off the fact you rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago!

Comfy But Edgy 

This look is probably my favorite because it includes a staple “running late” piece: leggings! When I’m running late, my first instinct is to grab leggings. If you dress them up with accessories and ankle boots as well, it doesn’t even matter if you’re wearing the go-to roll out of bed basic! This look would also be especially great for early fall when it’s chilly in the morning but hot by the afternoon!

Here’s How to Pull Off a Pajama Shirt

Similar to the last one, this would be a great look for warmer fall days because of the layering. A flannel gives off the appearance that your outfit was meticulously planned, but in reality it feels like you’re wearing a pajama shirt! I especially love this one because the Vans contribute to the “casual but put together” look.

Sweater Weather

Oversized sweaters!!! That’s it. Enough said. Really though, cozy sweaters are the best because they keep you warm while looking like you put some thought into your outfit. Bonus points if you have shoes to match the sweater. However, if you don’t, casual shoes like Converse would be great. 

Olivia is a sophomore Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College. At any given moment, you can find her talking about books on her blog, petting dogs in the Boston Common, or impulse buying a plant or two. Ask her what musical she is currently listening to; she's dying to tell you.
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