Positive Aspects of a Relationship

Being single is awesome, but there’s nothing like meeting someone and instantly connecting. You feel like you’ve been waiting forever to find the right person, and then one day he or she finally shows up in your life. Sparks fly, and before you know it, you’re calling them your significant other. As someone who has experienced this in the past few months, here are some of the best aspects of being in a relationship.

1. Support

An amazing part of being in a relationship is knowing that your partner will support you in all of your endeavors and when you are going through difficult times. I am lucky enough to have a proudly feminist boyfriend who encourages me to follow my ambitions, who comforts me when I am upset and who offers advice when I need it. In a healthy relationship, both you and your significant other have time to yourselves, but knowing they’re always there is important as well.

2. Learning from each other

Maybe your significant other has a personality or talents you really admire, or vice versa. The foundation of your kindness and attraction between you and your SO makes for a productive and benevolent learning environment; you will be able to exchange skills and perspectives, which will enhance your already awesome self.

3. Opportunity for growth as a person

As well as learning from your SO, spending a lot of time with someone else—and even spending time apart—allows for a lot of opportunities to learn more about yourself. You learn good communication skills, and you figure out what you are comfortable sharing as well as what you are comfortable keeping to yourself. Or maybe dating your partner brings out a side of your personality you never discovered. I know my boyfriend and I complement each other well because we inspire each other to improve as people, and I hope all of you readers have that or find that also.

4. Intimacy and affection

Whether you have sex or not, being close and personal with your SO is healthy and important. If your relationship is a good one—which I hope for all of you—intimacy of any sort, even holding hands, can enhance the chemistry between you and your partner, and will make you happier. According to Integrative Nutrition, “When you’re intimate, chemicals like oxytocin are released that make you feel closer to your significant other.” And not only does it make you feel closer to them, but it also helps you forget about your problems. I have noticed that I am less stressed out and anxious after cuddling and long hugs, which is one of my favorite parts of spending time with my boyfriend.

Of course, a significant other is never a necessity. But it is a privilege and an honor to have one, given all of the positive aspects of being in a relationship.