A Playlist to Help You Calm the Heck Down

It’s been a tough past week. I know it and you know it, and you may need to take some time to yourself and relax. I’ve put together a list of some of the chillest, most calming songs I know. This list is a mess, honestly. It crosses genre and language, but one thing every song has in common is the fact that it is mellow. So, allow the soothing voices of these talented artists to lure you into relaxation, if only for a moment.

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

Jasleen Royal & Prateek Kuhad; Baar Baar Dekho

This gentle love song is beautiful to the ears and to the mind. If you want to follow along with the lyrics, here’s a translation.

No One Ever Tells You

Seth MacFarlane

Sometimes all we need is some soft, sad jazz to accompany us as we stare sadly out the window for a while, before moving on and pushing through. This album, and MacFarlane’s smooth voice will provide it for you.

Be Still

The Killers; Battle Born

This track has been on repeat for me in the last few weeks. Not only is it a calm song, but Brandon Flowers has put in a message that will inspire you and carry you through any hard time. In fact, the entire album, Battle Born, will probably do that for you, so give it a listen.

I’ll Hold My Breath

Ellie Goulding; Bright Lights

Goulding’s entire first album has the power to take you away from the world you are currently in to one of love, adventure and loss. "I’ll Hold My Breath" will inspire you for adventure and pick you up out of any sadness you might be feeling.

Loser Like Me (Season 5 Version)

Glee Cast

Like "Be Still," "Loser Like Me" has a message that uplifts and encourages. The season five version suits this playlist better than the original because it’s a slower, more piano and guitar-based, acoustic version. The harmonies will calm your mind, but you’ll still want to sing along.