Organizing Made Easy

Hey girls! So now that the new semester is officially here, it’s time to start fresh. Something that I find terribly helpful when it comes to having a smooth transition into new classes is to stay organized! Since it’s Get Organized Month, I figured the best way to begin an organizational overhaul of life is with simple and easy tips on how to do it!
If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that as soon as classes begin, everything seems to start, and the workload gets harder. So does keeping track of everything. If you don’t already, try using a planner where you can write down your assignments and meeting times. Something I also do is add important dates into my cell phone with details like times and addresses so I don’t forget. It also makes the information more easily accessible. Another thing that you might like is making a “to-do today” list. I keep mine on my phone but either way it is an easy method for remembering what needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Before or after your first classes, you might want to consider setting aside specific notebooks or folders for classes that you need them for. By separating one class’ work from another you are more likely to know where everything is and won’t have to rummage through one huge notebook that contains a little bit of everything. That is just confusing and time consuming!
Another tip: don’t procrastinate. As soon as you get papers or assignments, put them in a folder or in your planner so you don’t have to struggle to remember where things are or what the homework is for a certain class hours after it ended. This way, you know where your things are at all times and you also will know what you need to do before the next class. This not only helps your memory but it also helps your grade.

Speaking of procrastination, if it isn’t already perfect, then clean your room! Nothing says unorganized like a messy space where you don’t know where anything is. Put things like laundry away as soon as it is done. By putting things where they go as soon as you use them, you won’t have as much to worry about organizing later since it will be where it belongs already.
These are some pointers that I find to be very helpful and that I personally use every day. Alright girls, I think you’re ready. Good luck, have fun, and get started!

Xoxo Chelsea