An Open Letter to My Former Best Friend

I miss you. I know we aren’t friends like we used to be, but that was really out of our control. If we would have somehow ended up at the same college I’m sure we would have been as inseparable as we were as high schoolers.

You’re busy, and so am I, but I still have time to send you a message. Sometimes you don’t open my texts for months, if at all. I understand your involvement and your commitment to school; I am just as dedicated to my academics. My intent has never been to distract you. But if I have the time, so do you. Sometimes I feel like you ignore me.

You go to college in a different state than I do, but you aren’t terribly far, so why haven’t you come to visit? To be fair, I haven’t come to visit you, but you never invited me.

I have to confess that I was a bit jealous of you before, and it took me a little while to overcome that jealousy. You’re a wonderful person and I admire and value you completely, but I couldn’t help but envy your prowess in the multiple areas you pursued. You were always more involved than I was, and though my grades weren’t bad, yours were amazing; I was a bit intimidated, so I’m sorry if my relentless criticism of myself weakened the bond of our friendship.

I told you several things that I’d never told anyone else. Though we aren’t in the same place, I trust you with my secrets. It really means a lot that I was able to open up to someone, and I’m honestly still so glad this “someone” was you. You always accepted and appreciated me as a person, and I have been grateful for that since we first became friends.

I have such fond memories of our friendship growing in person, of seeing you both in and outside of school, and I know this is never coming back. It’s a shame, but I’ve moved on; we’ve both changed, and I suppose there must be a reason we are growing apart.

But please just know, I’m still thinking of you. I wish you well, and I send you all my best.