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My Top 8 Trader Joe’s Products

When I fell in love with the matcha latte mix from Trader Joe’s, I found a good reason to keep coming back. Eventually, I began trying more products, and well, the rest is history. Stop and Shop who? Haven’t seen her in a good couple of months. We’ve all been doing more grocery shopping now that we’re stuck at home, so here’s a list of everything I recommend you pick up on your next TJ trip! 

Matcha Latte Mix

This mix makes matcha lattes so easy to make and honestly tastes better than the lattes from Starbucks. 


This no-meat chorizo tastes exactly like the real thing and makes you feel a little guilt-free about indulging in something so savory. I love pan-frying the soyrizo with some garlic and having it with eggs in the morning. 

Yellow Thai Curry Sauce

Revolutionary. Literally is the perfect savior for those just looking to throw together a quick meal: fry up some chicken and peppers, add in the sauce, and voila! Almost like you dropped $30 on Thai take out. 

Mini Thai Tea Mochi 

I love mochi ice cream, and Trader Joe’s makes the best store-bought ones. The mini Thai-tea mochi is creamy, dairy-free, and overall the perfect little dessert or snack for Thai-tea enthusiasts. 

Yogurt Packs 

Tell me why a single yogurt cup can sometimes cost $2? The Trader Joe’s yogurt packs include 6 yogurt cups and are literally $3 per pack. Can’t believe I’ve ever lived differently. 

Mandarin Orange Chicken 

I’m always skeptical about “ready-meals” or frozen foods, so this orange chicken was the biggest shock of my life. I’ve never cooked a frozen food that tasted so restaurant-quality. 

Reduced Fat Mac and Cheese 

My favorite food is mac and cheese, so as something of a connoisseur, I was shocked that this microwavable tray tasted so much better than the typical Velveeta or Kraft brands that sell for almost the same price point.  

Truffle Cheese 

I never knew I needed truffle cheese until Trader Joe’s told me I did. Probably one of the bougiest ingredients I’ve bought on a grocery run thus far. And speaking of mac and cheese—truffle mac and cheese is honestly for the elite.

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