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I will be the first to say that I had many preconceived notions about “The Hunger Games” movie,
which opens today, Friday March 23. As a devoted reader and loyal fan of the novels, my expectations of
the film version were excitable to say the least. Naturally, as a true Hunger Games fanatic, I saw the
midnight premier of the film in IMAX; for the entirety of the movie, I was COMPLETELY captivated.
“The Hunger Games” takes viewers through a cyclone of emotions. Throughout the movie
theater, audible gasps of fear, happiness, laughter, and sadness dominated the space. Audience
members openly cried tears. I cried, and I never cry.
The film, in addition to pivotal plot points, is able to capture the smallest details and create a
familiar authenticity to them. “The Hunger Games”, unlike most teen franchises, is far from “cheesy.” Instead, “The Hunger Games” is raw and hard-hitting, yet tender and romantic. It definitely is a film that will resonate with all age groups.
The performances were exceptional. This is no surprise coming from Oscar-Nominated Actress
Jennifer Lawrence, but the cast in its entirety performed with an amazing passion and genuineness. Each actor provided something necessary and brilliant to the story. Personally, I felt as if I were able to connect with each character. The tension the actors create is astounding—I was highly emotionally
invested. Also, there’s some serious eye candy. That never hurts. (I’m talking to you, Liam Hemsworth)
The film takes the world of Panem and makes its brilliant originality even more original. The
visuals are striking—from the costuming to The Capital, to the distinctive citizens that make up each
district, “The Hunger Games” is colorful, diverse, and enchanting.

Although there are some small tweaks, the film stays very true to the novel. However, if you
haven’t actually read the book, there is a chance that some aspects of the film will be lost on you. “The
Hunger Games” does its best to completely, and sometimes overtly, provide explanation. It is clear,
though, that this movie is catered to those loyal to the novel. This is not to say that non-readers will be
isolated in the least.
As a whole, “The Hunger Games” greatly exceeded expectations. I recommend this film to
all ages, and especially recommend it to those who have not read the books. The story is unique yet
timeless; a definite production peak in a modern world.
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