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Meet Sarah Marcantonio

There are many elusive aspects of Emerson. Whether it's the omelet bar or the Org Fair, nothing will ever be as mysterious and wonderful as Star Floor. Even if you've never lived on the floor, or even that building, every Emerson student has heard of it. It has been such an important part of my own life here at Emerson, mostly because of the people I have met in that very community. One of those amazing people is Sarah Marcantonio. 

As a fellow Star Floor alum, Sarah knows a great deal about the power of Star Floor. If anything, she contributed to that force when we lived there three years ago. Every member on Star Floor received a poster board-size card with messages from nearly everyone on the floor. That continued into our sophomore year. Floor-wide Secret Santa went off without a hitch. And even though we haven't had another 40-person Secret Santa since, the tradition has been kept alive to this day with a smaller group of people. My Facebook timeline reminds me nearly every month of the monthly photos we took as a floor to document our freshman year, including my very last day of freshman year. How many people can say that? 

So what's this Star Floor alum up to now? Well it's no surprise that she has returned to her roots as a Little Building RA. No one can ever dispute Sarah's love for not only Emerson, but also being a constant resource for students. She has been an OL since sophomore year and only traded in her tutu for a purple polo this past fall.

Beyond her Emerson career, Sarah has also been extremely fortunate to work several internships. As a WLP major she is always looking for opportunities to write, and she has certainly had just that. She has written for about.com, a travel site (due to her traveling when she studied abroad sophomore year), and now The Improper Bostonian

Even with all these accomplishments, I think Sarah would agree that one of her greatest accomplishments is the relationships that she has formed here at Emerson; Star Floor and beyond. It's safe to say that several freshman year traditions will continue for years to come, with Sarah acting as the glue to keep us all together.

I am a Writing, literature, and Publishing Major. I love Netflix, food, and sleep. College lets me experience all 3 of my favorite things simultaneously.
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