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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Kylie Federici, just like many other Emerson seniors, is packing her bags a little earlier than the rest of us Boston dwellers. Sure, she’s graduating in the spring, but she’s off to LA for her last semester in college at the amazing ELA campus that has bumped up all of our tution costs to astronomical heights. All finances aside, this is a big deal for this year’s senior class. Many past participants in the program have gone out to LA with a job offer and an amazing life. But all things in life are a gamble, and I talked to Kylie to see what’s going through her head in her last few weeks on the east coast. 

Her Campus at Emerson: Why did you pick the LA Program?

Kylie Federici: I actually applied to Emerson with the intention of doing the LA Program. That was one of the many reasons I wanted to come here. Just from day one, knowing that I wanted to be a film major, I figured LA was the place to be. I’ve been planning for it for a while. Why the LA Program? Because LA is film central so it makes sense. Go to LA, get an internship, make connections. Network!

HCE: What are you most excited about at the program and in LA in general?

KF: Definitely the internship aspect and the fact that it’s required for the program is really smart. It just makes sense. You make connections when you’re out there, which can lead to even more connections even if you don’t plan on living in LA. And also the weather. It’s a nice change from this freezing cold weather in Boston. And surfing! I’m excited for surfing. Absolutely.

HCE: Do you think that Emerson has prepared you for the LA Program?

KF: Yes, because you pretty much get to choose the internship you want. You can apply to almost anywhere and Emerson will help you. And do their best to fit you with something you’re interested in. So after taking all these classes on the Boston campus I know what aspect of film I am interested in and that will help me pick what I want to do when I’m out there. And there’s so many resources here that will help you get the internships that you want. Which is great.

HCE: What are you going to miss most about Boston?

KF: Mostly friends. I think Boston in general is familiar to me. I mean I’ve never been to LA and I’m sure it’s great, but it’s very different too. Boston is a place I’ve come to know and really like so it will be hard to leave.

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