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Meet Katie Haselton

Meet Katie Haselton, a sophomore Writing, Literature and Publishing major at Emerson.

The New Jersey native transferred to Emerson from Suffolk this past year, and has been embracing the courses and opportunities. So much so that she has written and published her own book in 2016, Vengeance, under the author name Zona Haselton.

Vengeance is a thrilling, mystery/action novel that follows protagonist Caroline Auburn as she mourns the mysterious death of her parents. When she discovers the truth of her parents’ passing, she learns that vampires were involved. She turns to vampire Elliot O’Brien to assist her in revenge for the muder of her parents, but has yet to realize that he himself may be just as, if not more dangerous.

She wrote in her novel as a bio, “Vengeance is Zona’s first published novel as of 2016. She began writing the original draft when she was a sophomore in high school. Zona has been writing stories since she was in sixth grade, and she dreams of making a career out of her storytelling ability.”

Katie is working toward her degree in creative writing at Emerson, and she hopes to “further her career and learn more so that she can achieve more in the years to come.” She explained, “I want to publish more novels in the future and also publish writing advice and other works of my own on my blog.”

She is also now the head editor of Emerson’s Odyssey branch, and is writing frequently on her blog, while keeping up two internships and a job. Like most Emerson students, she’s a class-A multitasker. 

Besides writing, Katie enjoys singing, dogs and hanging out with friends. She has continued to inspire many with her great achievement of being a published author at the age of 19. 

Look for Katie’s book in bookstores and online at googlebooks.com.

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