Meet Kallista Leonardos

One thing about Kallista Leonardos that everyone knows is that she never backs away from a challenge.

Recently out of surgery, Kallista worked her arm back into shape to play for Emerson's softball team this spring. She went through Tommy John surgery on her arm, a rare surgery performed to cure a UCL tear. When the surgeon told her that playing her freshman spring season with Emerson might be out of the picture, Kallista faced the challenge head on.

Attending physical therapy and training sessions quickly became a part of Kallista’s daily life, leaving the rest of her time to focus on her journalism classes and thriving social life. The San Francisco native was eventually cleared to play (earlier than anyone had expected), in early March. The spring season was just within reach.

Now, she is one of the team’s most valuable players, with four home runs and an average of .317. How did she do it? Training and persistence.

“I love catching,” Kallista says, "and I think that playing any level of sports in college can be really beneficial."

She acknowledges that her Emerson experience would not be the same without softball. As someone who has been playing her whole life, Kallista is extremely passionate.

“I’ve been squatting since the age of two,” she says.

Emerson, she decided, was the place for her. This decision was due to the school's location, prestigious journalism program and the softball team. Being born and raised in California, Boston was quite the transition. Emerson's softball team has certainly embraced her with open arms.

“Softball has allowed me to meet so many people, and become really close with them. It makes the experience different, in a good way. You end up getting really close with people on your team,” says Kallista.

She is looking forward to the rest of the season, anticipating each game and hopefully leading the team to its next victory.