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How did you get involved in theater?

“I grew up in a family of ‘theatre people,’ mostly actors. So, all of my life I have learned the power that performance plays in a person’s life (Woah that was a lot of P words). I first got into the backstage of theatre freshman year of high school when I realized I didn’t really have what it took to make it on stage–also I held no confidence of literally performing because the pressure my family of performers put on me. They didn’t intentionally do this- but I felt it.”

What attracted you to the managerial side of theater?

“I like seeing it all happen. I love knowing every single detail- I find it fascinating, learning how it all comes together to work. I love being apart of the collaborative process. It’s a different feeling than being on stage- you’re not just speaking words and doing what the director tells you to, you are apart of it all, apart of the process.”

What’s the most exciting thing about being a stage manager?

“Running the show! It’s so energizing and exhilarating. I love being the facilitator of the director’s vision and while calling and running performances.”

Why is it important for more people to acknowledge female stage managers?

“Women can hold power, responsibility. It’s great that the stage management position within the technical theatre field is mostly dominated by women nowadays – we need to prove our power. We need to prove that we can communicate men, even if they are tasks or to demonstrate safety.”

What challenges have you encountered being a female in a mostly male sector of theater?

“I have experienced situations where bigger, stronger, bolder men have come up to me assuming that I need their help- especially during load ins or strikes for performances. I have two hands, I was born with muscles too, I just got boobs- I can fucking do it myself.”

What kind of future would you like to see for female stage managers?

“I see our field front-lining the respect of women in strong and powerful positions, one where it is a female making clear and vital decisions within a grand project. I hope that one day that men within the same field will show this respect to female stage managers- we have some, just being in that positions, but it’s the “shame” that men put on us that needs to stop.”

What is your dream show to stage manage?

“A big fun musical” :)

Freshman at Emerson College, theater kid, coffee addict, and Delawarian at heart.
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