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Meet Campus Cutie Melissa Rosenberg

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Name: Melissa Rosenberg

Year of Graduation: Spring 2017

Major: Media Studies with a Business minor

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Horoscope Sign: Aquarius 

Why did you choose your Major? I was originally a Film Production major, thinking I wanted to go into Post Production. Then I realized I wanted to go into film distribution, so I switched my major to Media Studies and chose a Business minor. 

What’s your dream job? To work at Sony Pictures in their Film Distribution Department.

What are you involved with at Emerson? I’m involved in the EVVYs and a sister of AEPhi. The EVVYs is an amazing production to be a part of and I am on the post production team, which I love because I still get to keep my passion for editing alive. I am Historian chair and New Member Educator Assistant in AEPhi. It has given me not only life-long friends, but sisters. They are my people. They are the most inspiring people and I feel blessed to stand alongside such amazing and hard-working women. 

Favorite Movie? I don’t have a favorite movie because watching movies is my favorite past-time, so I have a lot of favorites. 

Favorite place to eat in Boston? Fleming’s Steakhouse, the restaurant I work at, because they have the best chipotle mac and cheese and the best burgers and steaks. 

Favorite Band? Obviously, Grouplove. As soon as I hear one of their songs, I immediately go to a happy place and rock out.

Three words to describe yourself? Snuggly, supportive and passionate.

Brenna is a junior Journalism major and Marketing minor at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Originally from Elmira, NY, Brenna's passion's include reading. writing, fashion and especially music. She loves to sing and take voice lessons on the side. She is also a writer for Emerson Fashion Society and Social Media Chair for AEPhi. Her dream job would be to become a feature writer at Rolling Stone Magazine.
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