Meet Campus Correspondent Jamie Kravitz

This week's Emerson Celeb is someone very near and dear to our hearts here at HC Emerson. Jamie Kravitz is our editorial Campus Correspondent, and without her our little website would not have progressed as much as it has over the past year! 


Name: Jamie Kravitz

Major: Writing, Literature, and Publishing

Year of Graduation: 2017

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Three words to describe yourself: Hardworking, Thoughtful, Passionate.

How did you first get involved with Her Campus Emerson? I joined the Her Campus Emerson team as a writer fall semester of my freshman year, and I’ve been involved ever since!

What does your job as Campus Correspondent entail? As editorial CC, I read applications, orient new writers, help run meetings, create the editorial calendar, edit and schedule articles, and more.

How has being a part of Her Campus affected your college experience? Being a part of Her Campus has really enriched my college experience thus far. I’ve gotten pretty involved with Her Campus outside of Emerson as well. The national office is in Boston, and I will be an editorial intern there this summer. Spring semester of my freshman year I was a Chapter Advisor for 5 other Her Campus chapters, which was a very rewarding opportunity. I definitely learned a lot. I have attended Her Campus National conferences and events, met really interesting people, and been able to write for a widely-read website, which is really cool to be able to say.

What else are you involved with on campus? In addition to Her Campus, I write and copyedit for Your Magazine Emersoncopyedit for Undergraduate Students for Publishing, and I work at the Colonial Welcome Desk.

What do you do outside of school and on-campus organizations? In my spare time, I try to read and write as much as possible. I also enjoy discovering new music, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, and spending time with friends.

What is your dream career? I would love to be a published author, but in the meantime I can see myself as a literary agent or a writer/editor for a magazine like Glamour or Marie Claire.

What is one thing you’ve learned during your time as HC Emerson’s CC? I am definitely still learning, but I have learned how important accountability and communication are. It sounds simple, but when you have content requirements to meet every week, having accountable team members is a necessity.

What do you hope to accomplish with HC Emerson in the future? I would love to increase Her Campus Emerson’s presence on the Emerson campus. I want to hold more events, up the views on our website and social media pages, and let students know what HCE is all about!