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Matt Rudinski ’12

Name: Matt Rudinski

Year: 2012

Major: Animation and Motion Media

Hometown: Niskayuna, New York

Relationship Status: Single

Dream Job:

Can I have two answers? Okay, cool. Well, one, I’d love to one day be a Creative Director/owner of my own motion/graphic design house. We’d have an awesome office, a room to nap in for when you need it or are rendering forever, a bar, damn near everything from Ikea… It’d be the perfect space to be creative and enjoy the amazing creative people around you. On the other hand, I get a ton of pleasure from teaching people how to make graphics of any kind on their own. At Emerson, I’ve taught a lot of workshops and had a ton of good things and feelings come out of them. Hell, I even met a girl at one of them. They’re pretty great. I love seeing people’s eyes light up when they realize that they’ve made something that looks cool all on their own. So maybe one day I’ll teach college. Whichever makes me more happy. Also I want a lake cabin house. I don’t care if that’s irrelevant. It’s important.

What are you looking forward to most about graduation/senior week?

The obscene amount of nothing I am fully prepared to do. This involves: spending time with friends that I haven’t seen all semester, and just enjoying the “last hurrah” of being in school. It’ll be just like all of those “end of senior year movies” except less penis jokes…No, same amount of penis jokes. Also going to The Tam more than that guy that goes back and forth between there and the Glass Slipper. If you’ve been there, you know the guy. Been to The Tam that is…

Top 5 movies:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Back To The Future

3. Rushmore

4. Half Nelson

5. Forrest Gump

Hidden Talent:

I’m really good at knowing when the microwave is going to beep when I’m not in the room. I also have a pretty good Ron Burgundy impression. You know, skills that clearly get you places in life.

What’s one song you could listen to on repeat for an entire day?

There are dozens of these, but if there had to be one, right now, it’d be Love In Motion by Sebastian. I’d be dancing. And believe me, I have.

If you were an item on the menu of a 50’s diner, what would you be?

BLT. Simple. Tasty. Also, bacon.

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