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Making Velvet Wearable for Fall

Velvet isn’t just for the holidays anymore, collegiettes. You can rock the beautiful fabric starting this autumn in a few simple ways. Whether you feel like wearing an entire velvet dress or a velvet accent is up to you, but chances are you’ll feel so much fancier when you add it into your everyday wardrobe!

Step 1: Find your piece

Maybe you’re looking to have a tamer velvet piece like a choker—totally understandable. Velvet is an intense fabric! Luckily, it can pair well with everything from jeans to silky skirts. Or maybe you feel like going all out with a velvet statement! This fall is your chance to wear that amazing velvet shirt or skirt. You can purchase velvet at more affordable stores like Forever 21 and Brandy Melville and not just at the higher end department stores. It depends on if you want a piece you’ll only wear a few times or if you’re planning on making an investment in a beautiful dress you want to keep forever.

Step 2: Make your piece work

Contrary to popular belief, it is so easy to make velvet work for you. Say you have a maroon velvet skirt—you can pair it with a black t-shirt and white sneakers. If your piece is a velvet headband or pair of shoes, you can easily add either to any cute outfit of your choice. Black velvet looks great against mustards, deep oranges and rich reds for fall. Mix and match your pieces and embrace the feeling that the holidays are only a few months away. It’s never too early to start working your fashion into the next season—it shows you’re excited for what’s ahead and puts you on your fashion A-game!

Step 3: Wear that velvet confidently

It’s definitely a new idea to wear velvet in a season that doesn’t necessarily scream red velvet dresses. While the rest of the world may be sipping their pumpkin spice lattes in their oversized sweaters, you’re rocking that velvet and enjoying your cinnamon dolce latte. It’s all about the will to stand out and be yourself. Velvet isn’t so much a trend right now as it is a chance to wear something unique. So wear it with confidence and know you could influence another girl in class to buy something velvet herself. Be the trendsetter.

Alexandra is a senior at Emerson College studying writing, literature, and publishing.
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