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K-Pop B-Sides, Songs from the Aminé NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and an Unorthodox Jukebox Throwback: My March Spotify Wrap-Up

Back in January, one of the few New Year’s resolutions I gave myself was to discover more music, which includes finding artists who aren’t talked about a lot in mainstream media, getting familiarized with artists I’m somewhat acquainted with, and opening my eyes (and ears) to genres outside of my comfort zone. In order to follow this resolution, I have started making a playlist for every month that comprises songs and artists I have discovered and grown to obsess over. This past March was an iconic month for my journey in expanding my music taste, so here are some of the highlights!

One of my ultimate favorite artists is GOT7, and with their recent departure from JYP Entertainment and all of the members doing their respective individual activities, I have been taking this time to catch myself up on their entire discography before the next comeback, whenever that will be. I’ve found myself obsessing over their EP 7 for 7, which holds a special place in my heart because it feels like a direct gift from the group to their fans (called IGOT7, or Ahgases). My favorite track off the EP that is on my March playlist probably has to be “Moon U.” Throughout the month it has not left my head, and the song will absolutely make you fall in love with GOT7’s vocal line, plus a bonus with Jackson’s soulful and sultry vocals, which we don’t get to hear as often as we would like. “Remember You” and “Face” are also two of my favorites off the EP that made it onto the playlist.

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There was a night in March where I wanted to play BTS’s repackage album, You Never Walk Alone, from start to finish. A continuation of their 2016 album Wings, You Never Walk Alone has a few added bonus tracks that I think everyone should know about, regardless if they are an ARMY or not. “Outro: Wings” is one of my personal favorite tracks off the album simply because it always makes me feel good and energized; you’ll find yourself clapping along when RM says, “Put your hands up to the sky, yeah, if you’re feeling the vibe.” Two other You Never Walk Alone B-sides that made the playlist were “2! 3!” and “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.”

Another way for me to discover music is to watch NPR Tiny Desk Concerts on YouTube; these concerts are a really good way to discover more of an artist’s discography, as well as their chemistry with their fans (who are usually in the audience during their Tiny Desk performances). An artist I found myself captivated by was Aminé, who you may know from his track “Caroline” that you can’t help but sing along to “oh my god, that’s my baby.” The concert also featured “Spice Girl” and “Slide,” two incredibly catchy and vibe-y songs for a warm spring day.

With the debut of R&B duo Silk Sonic and their addictive song “Leave the Door Open” at the beginning of the month, I had found myself getting back into Bruno Mars’ music after a long period of time not listening to him on a frequent basis. I remember being attached to his 2012 album Unorthodox Jukebox when “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Treasure” would never leave the radio. Two songs that I always blast when they come up on the playlist are “Gorilla” and “If I Knew”—they just hit so hard when you’re alone and singing along with Bruno.

Here are some other of my favorite tracks off of my March playlist that don’t need any explanation as to why they are so good:

  • “Dry Flower” by SURL
  • “instagram” by DEAN
  • “Crush” by Duckwrth
  • “MOVIE” by JUNNY
  • “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” by FINNEAS
  • “Stupid” by Vincent Blue
  • “마지막 첫사랑 My First and Last” by NCT DREAM

All in all, March was a supreme month for music in my book. If you’re interested in listening or looking for music for your own library, click here to view my March Spotify playlist!

Marieska Luzada is a sophomore at Emerson College at Boston, MA majoring in journalism and minoring in publishing. Besides writing for HerCampus, you can find her drafting an a capella arrangement, drinking an iced matcha latte, reading a young adult contemporary, or listening to Studio Ghibli movie soundtracks.
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