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Jennifer Ruggirello

Jen Ruggirello

Writing for Film and Television

December ’14

Performing stand-up comedy, hugging random dogs, taking twitter VERY seriously (follow me @jenrigatoni!), and dropping my phone.

I’m the secretary of SPEC, the screenwriting workshop group. I’m also a writer and producer for the Emerson Channel and I’m involved with Inside Joke, Emerson’s stand-up comedy organization.

You can exSPECt, quality workshops at SPEC meetings, often-unhinged writer/producer meetings, and great stand-up from your fellow Emersonians at Inside Joke shows.

Along with my fried Wes Hauptman, I’m the executive producer and writer for Laugh Out, an Emerson Channel narrative. Laugh Out follows the tumultuous planning, production, and performance of a college comedy competition. We film the last weekend in March and will hopefully air sometime next year. SPEC is currently hosting a log-line competition and will announce our Spring guest speaker very soon. Plus, Inside Joke has shows several times a month and we will love you forever if you come by!

I’m inspired a lot by my peers. People at Emerson are super motivated, extremely focused, and really supportive. I feel motivated to do my best because it’s what people here deserve. Also, on a more hero-worship note, I’m crazy inspired by Tig Notaro, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson (watch Broad City on Comedy Central!), and Mike Birbiglia.

I think my biggest accomplishment at Emerson is yet to come. Actually, it’s probably that I manage to always get a private cubby in the library.

In ten years, I see myself in the throes of an existential crisis because turning 30 is scary as hell. Ideally, though, I’ll have wormed my way into the writer’s room of a television show and will have some cool tattoos.

My dream job is to be the creator and head writer of my own television show. I’d also like to perform stand-up professionally. And I want to be cast in a television show as a dead body because it’s pretty much an excuse to sleep and still get paid.

I want to be Barack Obama because I want to know what’s behind the curtain.

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