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Introducing: Trngle

Connect. Collaborate. Create. This is the slogan for Trngle, a new website and soon-to-be app created by Emerson student Harry Holmes, along with co-creators Rebeccarose Krauthamer and Sky Krauthamer.

Trngle is a social website that connects like-minded individuals who are looking for people to work with on creative projects.

Haven’t heard of it? That’s okay, because Trngle is still in its early stages of development. But it is never too early to get in on the action. On its current website, www.trngle.com, you can sign up for beta testing, meaning that you will be one of the first notified about the site going live and you get to be one of the first few to test it. And you won’t have much of a wait—beta testing should be beginning within the next few weeks. Not only that, but their sick promo video is up online, outlining just what you’ll be able to accomplish with Trngle.

But in case you don’t head to the website to watch the video, we can tell you what Trngle will be used for. Unlike any other service, Trngle is dedicated to helping people find other like minded people to work with them on their projects—whether that be a film shoot, a class project or if you ever get the sudden desire to start a band. As co-creator Sky Krauthamer puts it, “Our goal is to democratize creative potential. We want to give everyone the equal opportunity to create something great or to be a part of something great.”

It works like this: let’s say you need three people to model for a photo shoot you’re doing; whether that photo shoot be for a class project, something for your own portfolio or a contracted job. You take to Trngle and start by putting up a Flyer. The Flyer is the recruitment piece; you create it with the title, location, maybe a picture, and exactly what it is you’re looking for. People who fall under the category of the skills you’re looking for will be able to see that flyer, and then reach out to you in hopes of collaboration. Trngle aims to take away the pain of figuring out who to work with by matching those who are looking for people with skills with the people who actually have those skills.

You’ll be able to upload a portfolio of your work so that people can see what you’ve done and what the quality is of the work that you produce. This website, and eventually app, will radically change how you go about finding people to collaborate with. Instead of relying on social media sites that aren’t designed specifically for your creative projects, you’ll have a one-stop website designed to complete every aspect of the process.

Trngle is hoping to have its public launch in about two months, once the beta testing is complete. The website will be location based, and will start in Boston, but will then hopefully branch out to other major cities.

Think of Trngle as the place to go to advertise your projects, gain exposure, create positions and execute recruitment across disciplines. As an artsy college student living in Boston, what could possibly be better? 

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