Interview: Jamie Scott of Brit Band Graffiti6 Discusses Tour, Album, and Life Without London

        As finals are winding down and operation pack-up-most-of-dorm-into-tiny-suitcase is underway, take a quick break and allow me to talk about two of my favorite things. While I am pretty partial to raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; I have to say I prefer British boys (apologies, Ms. Andrews). What do I like more than British boys, you might ask? British boys who sing, of course!

         Native Londoner, Jamie Scott (who is no stranger to the stage) has made his first collaborative effort with producer Tommy D to create the album, Colours (debuts Jan. 24, 2012). Graffiti6 has been touring with Latin singer Ximena, and on their Boston leg of the tour, Jamie was nice enough to take the time to talk to Her Campus about his life, the album, and what it’s like being on the road.

         I walked into T.T. The Bear’s Place (an intimate venue next door to The Middle East) and immediately heard a rendition of “Rolling In The Deep” that made my knees buckle (I know collegiettes, that song has had enough airplay, but this version made it seem like something new altogether). Graffiti6 was doing some last minute practicing before their show that night (which, I might add, was such a heavenly concert).

         After two more songs and some final guitar tuning, Jamie came over and introduced himself (this is the part where I tried not to melt…did I mention he’s quite the looker?). Due to noise at the bar, he took me into a room with a pool table and he spilled his guts, just for little ol’ Her Campus! Check out the interview below:

-Colours is making its debut on Jan. 24th. What's a word you would use to best describe this album?
“Um, shit, one word? Uh, psychedelic!”
-While making this album, did you find any common themes in your songs?
“Yeah, you know, it’s about that thing you can take out of a bad relationship that makes you stronger.”
-Which song are you most proud of?
Over You is probably my favorite song on the album. It’s the last song and I think the lyric of that sums up everything I was trying to get out of the album quite nicely”
-I thought the way you came up with your band's name was quite creative (opening up a book and placing your finger on random words with your eyes closed). Were there any word combinations that were runners up?
“Yeah, we had phoenix beast, and Benjamin poultry, none of them were really runners up because they weren’t really considered. But, they are the one’s I remember. Hmm. Oh, we had suitcase announced, and yeah, we had loads of them really. Quite random, obviously”
-Cool. So, why did you decide on this one?
“Just ‘cause we had the music on in the background when we were doing it and it kind of worked. There was just something slightly cool about it.”
-So, I've heard people compare you to bands like Maroon 5. Besides having a number in both of your titles, would you say that's accurate? If not, where do your influences stem from?
“Hmm, I mean I don’t know. We weren’t really setting out to bring something different, but the chemistry between myself and Tommy on the record, playing and everything, I think it’s really something I’ve never gotten with someone else before. It’s definitely something different. If you take one single on its own note, then yeah, maybe [we’re similar], but if you look at the album as a whole, then it’s something entirely different.”
-Your music has been featured on popular TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and Teen Wolf. Do you remember the first time you heard one of your tracks air on television or the radio?
“Actually, the first time I heard it on the radio was three weeks ago when I was in America. I had just gotten in the car and it was actually on the radio. And, it was insane; I loved it. You know, it’s what got us here. Our music used in TV programs is what made us able to come over to America”
-In past interviews, you've noted Joni Mitchell as one of your inspirations. She’s a favorite of mine as well. Do you see yourself covering one of her songs in the future? I loved your cover of Adele's “Rolling in the Deep”!
“Umm you know what? We could do it. I mean we try to do something that leads into a three- part harmony, in part because it’s obviously one of the things we do. But, yeah, definitely. We were at the moment trying to do, apart from a cool version of the Queen song, “Best Friend,” modern songs to give something for people to latch on to, before our album comes out. But, yeah, I’m a massive fan of her’s, so that would be cool.”
-What's the best aspect of being apart of a collaboration compared to flying solo?
“Hmm. I don’t know. Just someone else to bounce ideas off of, really. Someone else to write with. I love the element of taking an idea to someone and hearing their interpretation of it.”
-You were dubbed as MTV's Ones To Watch in 2011 and Graffiti 6 is quickly becoming a household name. How has it been adjusting to the fame?
“Haha. We haven’t quite gotten to that fame level yet. But, I’ll let you know when we do. Hopefully, the fame will get a bit better than the band sitting in the second room and the doors are open. Hey guys, hey everyone, don’t mind us, haha. *waves to a few people at the bar without a clue in the world who he is* But, yeah, it’s fine.”
-I'm sure touring has been great. But, you must be missing home. What do you miss most about London?
“I do. Well, the only thing I really miss about London is my family. My family is over there and I live over here, now. Actually, I live in Los Angeles. After about two or three weeks over here, I start to miss my family and I have to go back for a little bit. We fly back on the 23rd and when we get there, I’ll stay for about 7 weeks, so that’s quite a long time.
-So, you’re going to get to celebrate the holidays with your family?
“Yeah, I’m going to celebrate the holidays and then come back here for another tour!”
-Last Question: What can fans look forward to after your tour with Ximena?
“We’re going to release our album in January and then we’re going to go on tour with a band called Augustana in January/February. And, then, hopefully, we have another tour we’re looking to get on in April or May. Then, hopefully the record will be on the radio and TV as well. So, just keep touring basically, is what we want to do. And, play as many shows as we can.”
Want to say you knew them before they got famous? Check out: for more deets on this awesome band. And, make sure to buy Colours when it comes out January 24th, 2012…you won’t regret it!
Happy Holidays, collegiettes!