How to Start Saving Money on Your Own

Saving can be hard, especially in college, so it's important to start saving early in order to be financially secure for your future. Here are four tips on how to start saving up.

Save Every Penny: Literally, save your change because it will really add up. You can use it for laundry, parking meters if you drive, or after a while head to your local change counter and you've got a good chunk of cash!

Open a Savings Account: If you don't already have one, search your local banks to find an account with a high interest rate. 

Set a Budget: Only leave as much in your checking account each month as you need. Set aside a certain amount for bills, personal care, transportation, etc. and don't allow yourself to take a penny more from your savings. 

Divide Your Paycheck: If you have a job, split your paycheck between both accounts. Put as much into your checking account as you need for bills and general expenses and put the rest in savings so you don't get tempted to over spend.