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How to Make The Most Out Of Your Spring Break If You Can’t Afford a Vacation

My dorm building’s vibe is one of my favorite things the night before a school break starts. Everyone is awake at all hours doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, packing, and saying “see ya later” to all of their friends and neighbors. For spring break in particular, the anticipation is tangible as everyone is preparing to go on vacation with their friends. However, a good majority of students can’t afford to go on a trip for their spring break. Sometimes even making it home for break is an impossible feat. 

Never fear, though! I (and many other students) have been in your exact shoes. It sucks, but there are so many ways to have an enjoyable break for little to no cost! Let’s talk about them!  

Start a New Show or Book

Is there anything better than finding a new TV show or book to fall in love with? (The obvious answer is no). There are a plethora of incredible TV shows and series on Netflix, Amazon, and/or Hulu depending on which streaming service you have. Don’t have any of these streaming services? Don’t worry! Ask to borrow a friend's account or check out their deals for students!

Explore New Areas of Your Hometown/College Town

Whether you are going home for break or staying at school, this tip can work for both! It’s so easy to take wherever you are for granted because you go to your same favorite spots and become bored. However, there are so many underrated places you may be missing by not branching out. Take a gander on Yelp or Google and search for some new places that are in your price range. Who knows? You could find a new favorite restaurant, homework spot, or even a fun place to take your friends when you’re all reunited!

Catch Up On Upcoming Homework

Your immediate reaction to this tip was probably the same as mine when someone mentions homework while on a break: “Ew! Why would I do that?” However, the more you think about it, the more you realize how good of an idea it may be. When everyone is settling back into their classes, they will be overcome with all of the work they neglected throughout break. But you? You’ll be relaxed and on top of everything. Future you will be thankful. 

Start a New Hobby

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do, but you’ve never had the time or energy? Well, now is your time! You don’t have to become a master at your new hobby, but it’s worth starting now that you have the time away from classes. Need some ideas? Take a look online and read some articles with some examples. Here’s one!

Consider Doing a Day Trip Somewhere 

If you have a little bit of extra funds and want to go somewhere, it may be worth looking into doing a day trip closeby! You don’t have to go too far in order to have a mini vacation. If there’s a city or town a few hours away that you’ve never been to, it may be worth it to go visit it during your break. I would also recommend checking out Groupon to see if there are any inexpensive expeditions in the area. In addition, you could always find a cheap Airbnb, cabin, or hotel room to rent just to give you an extra vacation vibe to your day trip!

Start Prepping For Your Summer Plans

It’s never too early to start planning for the summer! Start researching potential jobs, internships, or conferences you may want to apply for. It’s also not a bad idea to update your resume and come up with a decent template for cover letters when you start applying. It’s better to do this sooner than later because your schoolwork may start to ramp up as deadlines begin to approach. Take advantage of your time off and know those applications out of the park!

Olivia is a sophomore Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College. At any given moment, you can find her talking about books on her blog, petting dogs in the Boston Common, or impulse buying a plant or two. Ask her what musical she is currently listening to; she's dying to tell you.
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