How to Keep Your Spirits Up During the Winter

Sometimes, winters in New England can get the best of you. It’s dark outside most of the day, it’s cold everywhere and snow can close down the T (if not the city) for days on end. It can be easy to feel sad when you’re stuck indoors during the winter, but there are many things you can do to get you out of that slump!

1. Watch an uplifting movie

Across the Universe and Rent are strongly recommended.

2. Take up knitting

Knitting is good for anxiety, stress and depression.

3. Go to the gym

You can’t stay in your room forever. Besides, exercise can fight against “negative mental states!”

4. Eat healthy and be happy

According to, foods such as fruits and veggies, coffee, green tea, dark chocolate and mushrooms can boost your mood!  

5. Read a book

Instead of spending 12 hours binge-watching a season of PLL, get away from your computer and spend time reading! After all, researchers at the University of Sussex found that after six minutes of reading, subjects’ stress was reduced by up to 68 percent.