How to Highlight Your Features

Amplify your shine with highlighter in your makeup routine this spring! Highlighter doesn't have to be used just by patting a few dots on. It's a very versatile makeup item! We all know adding some highlighter above your cheekbones can create a gorgeous glow, but here are 3 unique ways to incorporate highlighter into your everyday routine.

1. Eyes

Highlighter can be used on two sections of the eyes. First, putting a small amount on the inner corner can create a very doe-eyed effect. It will open your eyes and make them pop. If brows are more your thing, putting a bit of a lighter shade of highlighter right below your eyebrows after they're filled in gives a little extra lift to your brow bone. 

2. Lips

Applying highlighter above the cupid's bow can provide a very pretty and elegant look. It can accentuate your lips and draw attention to your lip color for the day. It will enhance your smile and make it shine even more than it already does. Try to be as sparing with the highlighter as possible with this, so the effect doesn't look overdone. 

3. Face

Usually, we think of highlighter as something to put on at the end of our routine, to give a glow just on our upper cheekbones. However, if you're in the mood for some dewy skin for the upcoming summer months, try ading a small drop to your regular foundation and mixing it in. This way, your foundation won't look so matte or dry on your skin, and you'll have a glow that will last all day. 

Which new way are you excited to use your highlighter? HCXO!