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Happy December, collegietes! It’s holiday party season, which most of the time, means lots of fun, sparkly and festive outfits, costumes and accessories. With these five holiday must haves, you’ll be ready for any type of holiday party that you may get invited to!

Ugly Sweater

For that party where you get an invite that says, “Wear your ugly sweaters, everyone!” It almost always happens every year and with this in your closet, you’ll be prepared.

Something Sparkly

For that party where you want to shimmer and shine under the lights. A great choice for parties where you'll be dancing a lot. 

Subtle Holiday Jewelry

For that party where you want to look dressed up, but you can’t resist a small touch of sparkly Christmas flair.  

Christmas Socks

For that relaxed party where you just want a touch of Christmas while you’re lounging around watching Christmas movies and drinking eggnog.

Santa Hat

For that party where you know everyone will be taking a ton of pictures. If there will be a photobooth and you want your own prop, this is a great option!

Have fun with holiday party season! HCXO! 

Alexandra is a senior at Emerson College studying writing, literature, and publishing.
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