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The Highlights of NYFW

It’s that time of year again: the fashion weeks are taking over the world’s major cities as we speak, and with them come new trends, styles, and shock factors.  The month long event travels from New York to London to Milan to, finally, Paris.  As the shows now grace London, let’s take a look at the week that kicked off this revolutionary month: New York Fashion Week.  It was a week to remember, and a week that relied heavily on shock factor, whether it was in the show itself or in the clothes.  Three collections in particualr emobdied this theme beautifully, and all for different reasons.

A designer that threw together different patterns, colors, and textures to create an excellently shocking show was Altuzarra.

In an interview with Vogue backstage, Joseph Altuzarra declared that “it was really about mixing it,” and that is collection was largely a fusion of the forties Parisiennes, Italian comic strips, Moroccan geometry and Indian coin embroidery.

As he described, the collection had a wide array of patterns and colors thrown together skillfully.  The first portion of the collection featured a lot of orange hues, the middle consisted of more blacks and greys, and the last portion returned more into color.  It was ombre color throughout the show.  Even though they featured a lot, the looks remained elegant.  The outfits were extremely multicultural, but were often finished off with simple black boots.  All of these little touches made Altuzarra a collection worth enjoying.

A collection that strayed from its usual works but managed to pull it off beautifully was Rodarte.

These two sister designers often focus on a more bad-ass type of evening wear, but in their Fall 2012 collection they decided to go for a more girly daytime look heavily inspired by the forties.  And it works, really well.

The three things that stood out most were the designers’ use of collars, leather dresses, and tailored coats.  Their focus on day wear and separates really made this collection stand out among the rest of them.  Their fitted suits, cable knit sweaters, cargo pants, coats over collard shirts, and pencil skirts made for a very well-styled show.  All of the pieces are extremely ready-to-wear with a couture awe about them that is undeniable to fashionistas.  This collection will undoubtedly change the brand in its future.

And finally, the show that blew everyone away, the one that everyone was Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and Tumbling about: Marc Jacobs.

As many people noted via their social media of choice, this collection propelled the designer into Couture status, up there with the fashion houses that dominate the runways such as Chanel, McQueen, and Oscar De La Renta.

Both the set and the clothes looked to be straight out of an Alice in Wonderland-esque tea party, with the mad hatter and all.  Every outfit was topped with a different oversized fur hat that shouldn’t have worked in all sensible terms, but totally did.  They were paired with ridiculous un-body-conscious clothes that produced a sort of anti-sexy appeal that everyone loved.  The shoes were also extremely out there, resembling a mating between leprechaun and classic Victorian.  There is no doubt that Marc Jacobs pulled out all of the stops on this one, and in doing so he took a huge risk.  But it worked, and it worked so well that its show factor will no doubt go down in fashion history.

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