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Her Campus Emerson’s Spring Break Packing List

Spring Break is just around the corner, and if you collegiettes are anything like us girls at Her Campus Emerson, you’re scrambling to pack last minute. No, seriously, my flight leaves in less than 24 hours and my room looks like a tornado hit it. And my suitcase is still empty. That’s okay though, because the lovely ladies of Her Campus National provided us with an amazing Spring Break Survival Kit full of fun swag that is perfect for any type of vacation — including my impending trip to the Dominican Republic. Take a look below at our chapter’s must haves when it comes to having the ideal carry on for your break!

1. Snacks on snacks on snacks

Okay let’s be honest for a second here. Even though we may be jetting off to some tropical paradise and want desperately to keep our bodies beach ready, the munchies are inevitably going to hit on the way to the airport…in the extra long TSA line at Logan…while waiting patiently for boarding to begin at our gate…you get the picture. These Luna bar minis are the perfect snack to keep on hand so you don’t have to prematurely break the bank and buy something unhealthy at the airport food court when hunger strikes. The bars are small enough to not take up too much precious carry on space, and filling enough to curb your cravings until you land at your destination. HC Emerson adores the Chocolate Dipped Coconut for the extra bit of sweetness!

2. Travel Sized EVERYTHING!

If you’re traveling somewhere tropical and trying to avoid checking a suitcase like me, travel sized cosmetics are a must have. These Not Your Mother’s brand shampoo and conditioner, along with the Completely Bare mini wax kit are sized to pass TSA regulations and make it through in your carry-on. Not to mention, the shampoo and conditioner are amazing quality and will likely be better than whatever your hotel provides!

3. Money Savers

Flights, hotels and transportation are expensive enough as it is so make sure you’re trying to save money wherever possible on your trip. Do your research! Look up coupons for local restaurants or activities before heading to your destination. These “buy one, get one” Chipotle cards are great to bring along for you and your friends to save some cash. Plus, what collegiette doesn’t LOVE Chipotle?

4. A Beach Read

Spring Break is not just a break from the cold weather we’ve been #blessed with this winter, it’s a break from school work. When picking out what books to bring along to enjoy on the beach, you want something fun and easy to get lost in. You don’t want to spend your precious beach time deciphering metaphors and having to look up words you don’t quite understand in the dictionary. This novel by Taylor Bell is the perfect combination of intrigue and fun, exactly what you want to dive into while catching some rays.

5. Safety Precautions

Let’s face it — spring break is fun, but we’ve all heard the horror stories of collegiettes going missing or getting hurt while on vacation. Don’t let yourself be one of those girls, and take every safety precaution possible while on break with your friends. These SABRE Personal Alarms should be on every collegiette’s keychain. They are simple to use and could save you from any sketchy situation.

What are you waiting for? Go get your hands on these amazing products, ASAP. Spring Break officially starts tomorrow. Happy packing ladies!

Ameara Harb is currently a senior at Emerson College, pursuing a degree in Marketing Communications. She interns on the Restaurant, Travel, and Hospitality PR team at Marlo Marketing/Communications, and loves being CC for Her Campus's Emerson branch. She's a Disney fanatic, diehard Bruins fan, and can never turn down pizza.
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