Healthy Eating At Emerson

No one wants to gain the freshman 15, or sophomore, or junior, or even senior 15, and on-campus dining isn't always good for you. Dining at Emerson, whether it be at The Max or the DH, it can often be hard to find healthy eating options. 

em Cafe: Einstein's 'Smart Choice' Options

So far so good with Em Caf's transition to Einstein's products this semester. While it takes a little longer to get your food compared to last year, the food is fresher and far better. They offer a variety of 'Smart Choice' options including smoothies (Strawberry Banana is SO good), Thintastic egg-white sandwiches (Asparagus Mushroom Swiss and Turkey-Sausage), Yogurt Parfaits, Salads, and more! Everything on the menu is under 350 calories and 15g of fat.

Paramount Cafe: Stir-Fry

You may say "who wants to go all the way to Paramount for food?" Well if you find yourself on Washington, head downstairs and check out their stir-fry station. Pick your meat, veggies, and sauce and you've got a delicious meal! They give you plenty of food, so it will probably last you more than one meal. Plus, if you need a pick-me-up they brew Starbucks coffee!

The Max: Burrito Bar

While the Max's newest addition to their food options this semester isn't super healthy and it's no Chipotle, it sure is good! Their Burrito and Rice Bowl Bar has received a warm welcome from students so far this semester, allowing you to pick and choose what you want in your quesadilla, burrito, or rice bowl.

Dining Hall: Omelet Bar

Let's be honest, breakfast at the DH is the best part of going there. Their omelet bar is wildly popular especially on the weekends and is worth the oftentimes long wait. Choose your veggies, egg type (egg whites, real eggs, pre-beaten eggs), and cook type (scramble or omelet) for the perfect way to start your day.