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Great Gifts $35 and Under for Your College and High School Friends

It’s that time of year again – trying to decide how to get gifts for all your friends without breaking the bank. Here are some great gifts that are all $35 and under, with a little something for everyone in your group!

Seth Cohen T-Shirt – $31

Any fan of The O.C., past or present, can relate to this shirt (unless they were team Ryan, but was anyone really team Ryan?) And for only $31, it’s a great way to get a creative gift without having to overspend!

Harry Potter T-shirt – $35

For your friends who are more HP than O.C., this $35 shirt is a cool way to showcase their Harry Potter love.

The Woman I Wanted to Be – Diane von Furstenburg – $19

It’s hard not to feel inspired by fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg; this book is a great pick for the reader in your group for only $19!

I’m Really a Mermaid Tank – $25

This adorable tank top, made by Wildfox, is perfect for the free spirit in your life. And for only $24.99, it’s a total steal.

The Mac & Cheese Cookbook – $17

Does this one even need an explanation? What college student wouldn’t want this?

The Republic of Tea – $10 each

These tea canisters are only $10 each, and contain 36 tea bags. Each tea is said to have outside benefits – they have one for clear skin, one for detoxing, one for weight control, one for stress relief, one for ‘lifting your spirit’, and a ton more. Perfect for college students!

Rose Quartz Arrowhead Earrings – $30

These earthy drops are a nice addition to any wintry outfit.

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