A Glitter Guide


Hey girls!!!

If you're anything like me, you're slightly glitter-crazed. And by crazed, I mean you are the girl who wakes up and finds a nice layer of the sparkly substance all over your room, face, body, clothes, and phone. Since I'm right there with you, I decided I might as well share some of my glitter tips.

There are many different ways to be glittery other than by wearing clothing with it. There's shimmer, eyeliner, eye shadow and body glitter. Let’s start with liner.

A lot of liner brands have glitter. The brand I use is the teal version of NYCs waterproof pencil. I love this liner because not only is the color great but it makes my eyes shimmer and stand out a lot more than usual. It's also great because I got it at Wal-mart and it was inexpensive. You could also take the liquid liner route and add a glitter version of it to the top lid! Lots of brands and stores have these convenient liners. Using a liner to add glitter is easy because you would probably be applying the liner anyways.

Eye shadow is a different situation. Although most seem to incorporate glitter into them, there are some that take it up a notch. Some brands sell glitter shadow that is almost gel-like so when you put it on, it is thicker than regular shadow and less dry. These are fun because the glitter bits are larger and come in a rainbow assortment of colors. These allow you to personalize your look depending on your needs and give you that extra bit of pizazz that will grab attention.

Shimmer is fabulous. I've learned over the years not to put it on the face because it can be mistaken for shine, looking greasy and undesirable. I usually add it to my chest and neck. My shimmer is also conveniently a bronzer and this is nice because my face tends to be more tan than the rest of my skin and adding it there evens out coloring, too! I learned this trick from Jenna Marbles. It makes you shiny and increases your natural curvature.

Body glitter can be fabulous and you can even make your own by mixing it with aloe. Just make sure not to make it too chunky. Don't put body glitter on your face. It will be sticky and get gross. However it can add that extra shine.

A word of caution: Although there isn't really such a thing as too much glitter, you don't want to overdo it. Putting on a fair amount can accentuate that part of your face and enhance your natural beauty with some shine, but don’t put too much!

Hope this inspires your inner sparkle!
Xoxo Chelsea