Getting Through the Spring Semester Slump

Coming back to college after winter break results in the spring semester slump: a time when your Netflix viewing habits and productivity levels still reflect the glory that is break. Yet, with syllabus week winding down and homework becoming actual work, the procrastination needs to stop and the productivity needs to pick up. Here are five ways to get through the daily grind and make it through a spring semester slump.

1. Plan

Plan, plan, plan, and then plan some more. Staying organized and planning out your assignments will help you come up with concrete deadlines that will help motivate you more.

2. Set boundaries

In the 21st century it’s very easy to get distracted—we have the world in our hands. Literally. With smartphones and laptops we’re constantly connected, and binging Netflix, Facebook stalking, and surfing random web pages seems much more appealing than homework. Yet, it needs to get done. The solution? Limit your web browsing. Through web browser extensions such as StayFocused for Chrome, you can limit time on disruptive sites or block them completely until your work is done. Websites that also limit your activity include RescueTime and MinutesPlease. 

3. Reward yourself

While finishing your work is a reward in itself, sometimes you need additional motivation to make it through the piles of reading that needs to be done. So, set goals and reward yourself when you complete them. Promise yourself a Netflix, snack or Twitter break when you finish reading three chapters or writing two pages of your essay. These goals can be small, or they can be big picture. 

4. Work with others

Misery loves company, at least that’s what they say. Trudge through your work with a group of friends. While there most definitely will be some silly moments, complaining, and distractions, you will be able to keep each other on track when it’s really needed. 

5. See the bigger picture

There is a light at the end of the twenty-foot long reading and essay tunnel, remember that. Remembering that the sooner you do your work or that once you make it out of class you can hang out with friends and relax will be motivation in itself to get what needs to be done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Keep calm and study on, collegiettes!