Get to Know Your Local Pisces

We’re right in the middle of Pisces season! I’ll admit off the bat, I am a proud, late-February Pisces, so there will be some bias. In my defense, I know many other lovely Pisces who will back up every single thing I’m about to say.

Pisces occur at the end of the zodiac, and are said to encompass qualities from every other astrological sign. Because of this, they have a little bit of everyone (including you) within them. This makes your Pisces able to relate on a personal level with everybody they know. As a strong believer in platonic love, I, and many other Pisces will love you with all the force in the world without a second thought, if you let them. If you shut them down or treat them poorly, you might want to run.

Pisces are often criticized for their friendship, but not for the reasons you would think. It’s not that they are bad friends; in fact it’s the exact opposite. Pisces tend to put their friends' needs and problems before their own, and go all-in right away. Of course, if you’re the friend in question, there is no need to complain. Your Pisces friend will always be there for you, whether for emotional support or to have a laugh. Still not convinced? Let me break it down for you:

They are intuitive

Pisces will know that something is wrong before you do. Just kidding, but they will know even if you don’t tell them. Honestly, this is a good thing. Your Pisces friend does not want you to keep your problems bottled up, and they will stay up with you well into the night working things out if need be.

They notice everything

Your Pisces friend will notice the little things about you and take them to heart. If you’re acting even slightly different, they’ll check in on you. If you mention something in passing, chances are they will think about it for a while after, and remember it for life. Expect a random gift one day related to something you said forever ago.

They go hard in love

Your Pisces might overwhelm you, but it will benefit you in the long run. They get attached very easily when a friendship forms, and suddenly take you under their wing. They want to take care of you, and that translates in going all in all at once. One minute you’re saying a casual “hi” as you pass on the street. Another minute, a few conversations in, you’re friends. Suddenly, they care about how you’re doing and what’s going on in your life, and they want to talk all the time. This is all because they find you worthy of their love and support, and they want you to know you have it.

Lies don’t fly with them

Pisces can see underneath people’s layers and figure them out almost immediately. You’re probably thinking, “Why is this good? Doesn’t this mean they can tell when I’m lying to them?” First of all, don’t lie to your Pisces. They’ll know you’re doing it, and why on Earth would you lie to somebody who treats you with so much love and respect? Secondly, this helps you because your Pisces will be able to tell when somebody you are hanging out with doesn’t have the best intentions. They will be able to protect you!

Pisces are artists

Being so emotional and spiritual comes with an artistic side. Your Pisces friend is probably going to inspire you a lot during the course of your friendship, whether it be through actual art or through their passion, humor, sensitivity and personality.

Still need more convincing? Take a look at some of these famous Pisces and then try to tell me you wouldn’t want to be best friends with them:

George Harrison


Elizabeth Taylor

Steve Jobs

Kurt Cobain

Oscar Isaac

Olivia Wilde

Drew Barrymore

Jessica Biel

Queen Latifah

...And about a million more cool people!

And if none of this works, my best friend just texted me saying she’s inspired by my punctuality, so get yourself a punctual Pisces and watch your life get exponentially better.