Get to know Published Poet Emily Curtis

As a Marketing Communications major, Freshman Emily Curtis can also call herself a published poet. At the close of her junior year of high school, Emily published in the absence of the sun, a 116-page collection of micropoetry. Her book is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Major: Marketing Communications


Hometown: Pittsfield, Maine


Graduation year: 2022


Astrological sign: Scorpio


What is your go-to song at the moment?


EC: My go-to song at the moment is “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande. Every time I listen to it I feel so empowered.


When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?


EC: There was never a specific moment that I knew. It was something that just happened over time. When I was younger I would write short stories, and then after a while, I began writing poems, too. My poetry began as very simple, and most of them would rhyme. Later on, as I began reading more poetry, I discovered that poetry didn’t have to rhyme. I started experimenting with my style a little more until I got to where I am today. Even to this day, though, I still have been experimenting and trying new things.


Is poetry your favorite type of writing? What else do you like to write about?


EC: Poetry is definitely my favorite type of writing. I like to write about a variety of things, from relationships to social issues. Whatever is particularly inspiring me in the moment is what I like to write about.


What made you decide to publish your writing?


EC: I published my first poetry collection “in the absence of the sun” towards the end of my junior year of high school. For the second semester of that year, I decided to create an independent study in Poetry so that I could learn more about it after having enjoyed reading it for so long. I began writing a lot of poems and decided then to make a collection for family and friends. My poetry teacher suggested that instead I self-publish the collection on Amazon. Though I was hesitant to put my writing out there, I decided that it was a dream of mine and therefore could not pass on the opportunity.


What movie/book changed your life?


EC: One book that has changed my life is milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. Her writing sparked my interest in modern poetry and encouraged me to write some of my own. Another book which changed my life would be Felicity by Mary Oliver. Oliver is my favorite poet, and this book inspired me to expand and improve upon my writing abilities.


What do you aspire to do in the future?


EC: I aspire to continue working on and improving my writing so that one day I can publish another poetry collection. I hope that after studying more at Emerson I can improve my work substantially in comparison to my first two books written during high school.


Why did you choose to study at Emerson?


EC: I chose Emerson mainly because it is a great communications school. I also chose it because I really wanted to go to school in the city of Boston!