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Fun Summer Activities

Even with summer jobs or internships, we all have downtime, and we don’t want to be indoors watching Netflix alone, wasting the beautiful weather or time with our friends during those hours (or do we?). Here are some fun activities you can do during the summer in your free time.

Go hiking

Whether you are staying in Boston, going to a new city or going back to your hometown, there are always places for a good hike. In Boston, there is the Blue Hills Reservation (technically in Milton, but thank goodness for Zipcar), which is a massive park featuring Great Blue Hill for views of Boston plus hiking & biking trails. In Boston there is also the Stony Brook Reservation, known for its sizable urban forest features walking trails, wildlife viewing opportunities and several ponds. If you’re in New York City this summer, just take a couple laps around Central Park and you’ll be good. If you’re in LA, Griffith Park Trails is definitely the best.

Go to the beach

No matter where you are, there are places where you can go get tan. The beach is fun for everyone – bring snacks, drinks, an umbrella and jump in the water! If there is no beach near you, park yourself down by a river or even in the park and sit back and relax.

Explore new neighborhoods

During the year, we are so tied up with our schoolwork, internships and social life that we may not have time to venture out of our little bubble. This summer, grab a friend and explore a new neighborhood, even if it is only a subway ride away. Walk around for the day, go in and out of shops, get some lunch. How are you supposed to know a city without doing some exploring?

Visit a friend

If you’re interning in Boston this summer, and your best friend is interning in New York City, get your butt on the bus and go visit them! Even if a friend went home to a quiet town for the summer, take a weekend and go, go, go! Visiting friends is a great way to spend a weekend during the summer because 1) you’ll be able to explore a whole new city that you’re not in and it’s super fun to play tourist, and 2) you’ll get to see your friend!

Try something new

Get out of your element and try something new. If you have never been a runner, go out and sign up for a 5K and teach yourself how to run. If you’re not the best cook, sign up for a cooking class. If you want to get in shape, go work out. Think about that one thing you never got to learn to do, and take advantage of your free time this summer and go learn to do it!

The summertime is great for so many reasons – the fresh air, the warm weather, not seeing your winter coat. Take advantage of your summer and your extra time and go try something new, visit a friend or go to the beach. I can promise you, you won’t regret it!

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