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Freddy Fabian Arce Rizzo ’13

Name: Freddy Fabian Arce Rizzo
Year: 2013
Major: Marketing Communications 
Minor(s): Photography, Women’s and Gender Studies
Hometown: Houston, TX but I also grew up in Cali, Colombia for a bit, so I consider it my hometown too :)

What is something you’re passionate about?
I’m very passionate about self-expression through art (not just fine art). Life experiences is what makes each of us so unique; it’s amazing to see where each person is headed. It amazes me to see the hard work that each person puts into their pieces wether it be a painting, dance, film, short story, or even live DJing at a club.

What is your life motto?
Live your life. Create yourself. Don’t let others define you. (anything along those lines really)

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
My friends already know this, but I own over 100 pairs of underwear. I used to work at a men’s underwear store selling men’s underwear… in my underwear. 

Lorena Mora is a student at Emerson College currently pursuing a degree in visual & media arts. Other interests include social media, passion tea lemonade, blogging, baby animals, spending the day at IKEA, baking cupcakes, and traveling the East Coast. An avid blogger, lorena has written for such publications as Em magazine, Her campus.com, Cliche Magazine and on her own movie-review blog, The Aftertaste. Lorena currently serves as President and Editor In Chief of the Her Campus Emerson branch.
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