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Four Reasons Why the Parks and Rec Finale Made Us Cry

On February 24, Leslie Knope and the gang said farewell to beloved fans. Sometimes series that are so good and so loved end up with finales that people don’t like or agree with. But the Parks and Recreation crew had such a good finale that it made us cry (in a good way)!


1. Everything turns out okay

No matter what happened in between 2017 and each year into the future we are shown, everything turns out all right. Garry ends up being the mayor of Pawnee and won 10 re-elections. Tom wrote a best-selling book about his failures, Donna kicks butt as a realtor, and Ron gets the perfect job managing the Pawnee National Park. Leslie and Ben are both offered to run for Governor, but it is Leslie who runs and wins. We even get a hint at Garry’s funeral that she might be the President of the United States.

2. Children. Everywhere.

April and Andy have a baby boy and are pregnant again when the gang reunites in the Parks department. We even see Ann and Leslie barely play it cool when their kids fall in love.

3. We get to see everyone together one last time

Everyone comes back to the Parks department one last time. Even Ann and Chris show up! Even though the future means they all move apart, we get to see the gang together in a more sweet than sad goodbye.

4. The gang faces our fears for us

We all at some point will have to leave a part of our life that we love and cherish so much. The finale shows us that even though we have to leave people we love, everything will be okay.

Katelyn is a senior studying Marketing Communications and Journalism at Emerson College. She is involved with various marketing groups on campus and hopes to work in the entertainment or sports marketing industry. She spent a semester in Valencia, Spain and can be found at a Red Sox or Bruins game more often than not. You can find Katelyn on Twitter at @katelyngearan or @katelyn_gearan.
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