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The Five Best ‘Gossip Girl’ Thanksgiving Episodes

As the best holiday ever (Thanksgiving) approaches, there is no better time to relive your old high school habits and rewatch the best Thanksgiving episodes of Gossip Girl! Here are the best and most drama-filled episodes of the series—ranked.

1. The Treasure of Serena Madre

Season 3, Episode 11

This was the juiciest episode of the series. Serena’s affair with Tripp was made public to her family and Tripp’s wife, Dorota’s pregnancy was revealed and Eleanor was moving to Paris. This episode was definitely about starting over — for better or for worse.

2. Blair Waldorf Must Pie

Season 1, Episode 9

You can say that the Thanksgiving dinner in this episode was a disaster and super uncomfortable. Imagine your dad, his serious ex-girlfriend, your mom, your siblings and your dad’s ex-girlfriend’s kids, all in the same room. Or don’t, because it’s way too awkward.

3. Gaslit

Season 4, Episode 10

Everyone is trying to figure out what happened to Serena in “Gaslit.” Blair, Chuck and Eric haven’t heard from her and Lily is too mad at her to take her disappearance seriously at first. When friends and family find out Serena overdosed on antidepressants, there are many questions as to why. Has she been drugged? Have her party girl habits returned?

4. The Magnificent Archibalds

Season 2, Episode 11

Season two’s Thanksgiving episode definitely did not fail to disappoint when it came to parental drama. Nate’s father being arrested by the FBI + Jenny’s attempt to disown her parents = crazy.

5. It’s Really Complicated

Season 6, Episode 8

While Serena and Dan planned to host Thanksgiving dinner, Dan had to decide whether or not to publish the chapter in his book exposing her. Will Gossip Girl reveal all of Serena’s secrets?

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