The Expectations of Women

We’ve all heard it:

“You should wear some makeup, you wouldn’t look so dead tired if you did.”

“You shouldn’t be eating all that ice cream.”

“You should dress this way, it’ll bring out the those curves.”

“You shouldn’t use that kind of language.”

“You should act more like a lady.”

You should, you shouldn’t, you get the point that I’m trying to make.

For years, women have been expected to live up to the typical expectations of what makes them “feminine.” Frustrating enough, these expectations follow us all throughout our lives. When we were younger, we were automatically put into dresses. Growing up as girls, we were taught and expected to be “ladylike,” have our appearances be well kept, be passive and naive, be nurturing, accepting, graceful and all that bull.

Instead of listening what people say we should do to follow the typical roles of being a woman, we should be taught to express who we are the way to we want to. The current body trends that make women conscious about obtaining the perfect curves, model body, plumped lips, the right clothes, or perfect hair, all need to be stopped. Every woman should be able to focus on themselves and strut who they already are. Women, you are all beautiful, exactly how you are!