Every Season of 'American Horror Story', Ranked

Last week, American Horror Story: Hotel was finally put on Netflix, just in time for Halloween season! If you’ve never seen American Horror Story and are looking for something creepy to stream this October, AHS is the perfect choice. AHS is an anthology, meaning that every season the cast remains the same, but the stories change. You don’t have to watch them in any particular order, so if you’re wondering which one to binge watch first, let me tell you.

*Ranked from 1-10 for scariness

8.5/10 - American Horror Story: Asylum

AHS: Asylum is, hands down, the scariest, bloodiest and most messed up season of the series. What do you expect when you cram aliens, murderers and crazy nuns into one insane asylum?

7.5/10 - American Horror Story: Murder House

AHS: Murder House kicked off the series and can be thanked for creating a massive cult following around the show. The first season not only had killer nurses and a countless amount of ghosts, but many plot twists which made it so fun to watch. If you’re into the paranormal, this season is the one for you.

7/10 - American Horror Story: Freak Show

From conjoined twins and a bearded lady, to the tiniest girl in the world, Freak Show gives viewers a new perspective on the circus while simultaneously terrifying you with killer clowns and psychotic men.

6/10 - American Horror Story: Hotel

There was bound to be an AHS season about vampires. In 2015, we got one! Hotel shows an interesting take on vampires and even throws in a mysterious crime that is solved throughout the season. The best part of Hotel will always be Lady Gaga’s acting, which she won a Golden Globe award for in 2016.

5/10 - American Horror Story: Coven

Though AHS: Coven has a creepiness factor to it, the season is more comparable to an ABC Family drama with witches and a little voodoo involved.

The current season of the show, American Horror Story: Roanoke, may be the scariest season so far! Check out the newest episodes of AHS on FX every Wednesday night at 10 PM!