Event Recap: Her Campus x Primark Student Night Boston

This past Wednesday Her Campus and Primark teamed up to celebrate College Fashion Week with a student night at the Primark at Downtown Crossing! I've always had so much fun at Her Campus and Primark's Student Night, and this semester was no exception!

Upon walking in I received a cute Primark tote bag that came with a bath bomb, a Primark gift card, and a little bottle of water! Right then I knew this was going to be a great night, because let's be real we all love free things.

Two of the floors at Primark had booths, in addition to the four entire floors of possible shopping! One floor had a DJ and a sparkly backdrop you could take photos at, which is always fun. My favorite floor, however, had two awesome stations: on-the-spot fashion sketches from Chic Sketch and a cotton candy station from Fluff + Fluff.

I was completely blown away by the fashion sketches at the Chic Sketch booth. Yeah, it was really cool that something that would normally cost about $10 on their app was being done for free at Student Night, but beyond that the sketches were done so quickly. There were so many little details that the artists caught while sketching, from my eye color to my backpack strap to the strap of the tote bag I got earlier that night! I'm definitely making sure I never lose this photo! Below you can see the sketch I received (with the caption I added to it when I sent my boyfriend a picture of it when I got home).The cotton candy from Fluff + Fluff was so cute! I can't remember the last time I had cotton candy, so having it that night was like being a kid again! What made the cotton candy extra special was that there were also extra toppings available to make it even cuter! I got sparkles and Pop Rocks, and while I learned that Pop Rocks are not a candy I enjoy as an adult, it was still fun to walk around Primark with a stick of fluffy sugar.

All in all, the Her Campus and Primark Student Night was an amazing experience and such a nice way to get a break from the stress of college, especially right before midterms kick in!