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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E3


Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched either episode of the season so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

Episode 2

Episode 1

Let’s stop wasting time and jump right into episode 3:

The episode opens with Amelia shaving her head.  She only shaves a piece of it for the surgery, but it is still a monumental moment to open with.  The episode focuses a lot on Amelia, with all other characters as background to what is happening with her.  Most of the main cast is gathered in her hospital room, and Amelia takes the opportunity to lay down the roles she wants everyone to have.  In which she appoints April to unplug her if she is braindead.  She tells everyone that she loves them and, after making it to the OR, she brings back the superhero pose.  Amelia has everyone on her team pose with her to make them feel empowered before she is put under for surgery.  Meanwhile, April prays in the hospital chapel that she won’t have to unplug Amelia.  Tom, Amelia’s surgeon, sings while removing her tumor, and Deluca is told to stop asking questions and sing along.  Tom needs to cut a vessel, and Meredith (based on her knowledge from her time studying Neurosurgery with Derek), knows that sometimes cutting the vessel can be dangerous.  Everyone is concerned in the observation room while Tom works.  

During this episode, intern interviews are taking place.  Bailey and Webber are interviewing the potential candidates, but none of them seem too promising.  There are some who are too nervous and not confident, while others seem to be too arrogant to be taught.  There is even one intern who brought an emotional support animal to the interview.  Webber and Bailey seem a little thrown off by this but the puppy was super cute so I mean, it was a win for viewers.  

Avery and Catherine return from his grandfather’s funeral and Catherine and Tom have a surprise reunion.  Webber wants to know how the two know each other but Catherine refuses to tell him.  Meredith approaches Avery because she wants to post the article about Megan’s surgery, but, because his name is on it, the surgery will never be considered for a Harper Avery award.  She asks Jackson if she can remove his name from the surgery, and he agrees reluctantly because he knows she can never win the award with his name on the document.  

Meanwhile, Hunt is avoiding Amelia’s surgery by staying with Megan, even though she keeps telling him that he should be there to support Amelia.  The two talk about Riggs, and how Megan declined his proposal because she believes that he is in love with Meredith and that the two should be together.  Megan really just wants to get back to her son, but when Meredith examines her,  she discovers Megan has Cellulitis and needs IV medication to treat it.  Megan is upset because she won’t be able to go back to Iraq to see her son.  Jo voices her concern that the cellulitis will affect Meredith’s article about the surgery, but Meredith claims it won’t and tells Jo that she will be putting her name on the article as well.  She informs Jo to send her a picture of herself to go in the article when it is published.

Okay, I know you’re curious, so back to Amelia.  Amelia finally wakes up from surgery, but the doctors standing around her (among them Meredith, Maggie, and Tom) are unable to hear what she is saying, even though she thinks that she is speaking.  They are concerned but Tom assures them that every recovery is different and she is only 11 hours out of surgery at this point.  

Among interviewing new interns, Bailey finds Ben asleep in the hallway, and he (later in the episode) reveals to Jo that he can’t tell Bailey why he is so tired.  He informs Jo that he is training for something Bailey won’t like, and therefore can’t tell her.  Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait to find out exactly what that is.

Even though the two have had their troubles, Meredith sleeps on a chair in Amelia’s room, and one day post op, there is no change with Amelia.  However, when Meredith gets up to leave, she notices that Amelia is breathing over the breathing tube, and they take out the intubation so that it is easier for her to breath.

After being put on IV for her cellulitis, Megan finds out that her son is in the hospital in Baghdad and she needs to get to him.  She rips out her IVs and tries to run out of the hospital.  Owen tries to calm her down, but ultimately it’s Meredith who breaks through to her by telling her the *ICONIC* story of how one time she kidnapped Zola because she felt the same way Megan feels (We all remember that moment Shonda, but we appreciate that moment of nostalgic humor! There has been a lot of nostalgia and references in this season so far and I kind of love it.).  

I know, I know, the suspense, fine I’ll go back to Amelia.  Deluca tries to move Amelia out of her bed, but she is in a lot of pain.  She is still unable to speak in order to tell him, however.  Tom tells him to stop, but Deluca insists that he has to move her because she made him promise.  He finally gets her over to the chair next to the bed.  Webber and Maggie try to convince her to take medication to help with her pain, but Amelia adamantly declines through her expression.  Amelia knows that she can’t take the drugs because opiates are her drug of choice, and she is afraid that it will drive her back into her addictive past if she breaks her sobriety.  Meanwhile, everyone wishes that Amelia would speak.

Later in the episode, Jo approaches Meredith and asks her to remove her name from the article.  She tells Meredith that she can not have her picture published because she doesn’t want her Ex husband to see her and learn her new name or where she is.  She is afraid of him and doesn’t want him to find her.  Meredith apologizes because she didn’t think about the effects of having Jo’s name on the article and agrees to remove it.  Jo confides in Ben (her new Stephanie) about her husband, and this is where he shares that he is training for something that Bailey won’t like (and that he can’t tell her because of that).  

Meredith has been actively ignoring riggs, who has been calling her for the duration of the episode, but she finally gets fed up, and answers her phone.  Riggs informs her that he is in Baghdad with Meredith’s “patient.” Riggs allows her to speak to the doctors to allow for a medical travel visa  to the United States.  Riggs doesn’t want Meredith to tell Megan, he wants to surprise her.  Meredith talks with the doctors and goes to meet with Riggs and Megan’s son.  Meredith talks the officer out of doing the paperwork because she is Megan’s son’s doctor and he needs to get to Grey Sloan as soon as possible.  The officer eventually agrees to let Meredith in without the required paperwork being complete and Megan and her son are reunited at Grey Sloan.  

Alright, fine, I know you just NEED to know what is happening with Amelia, whose story is the longest this week and the focus of the episode.  Everyone is still wishing that Amelia would speak, and when she finally does, they realize that she is speaking in French.  Everyone is confused and luckily, Maggie speaks french and is able to ask Amelia if she could speak in english instead.  Amelia looks at her and just tells her that she didn’t even know she could speak French. After some time passes, however, Amelia begins speaking in English again.  Amelia seems to be getting back to normal, or so they think, until she asks Meredith to call Derek. Amelia tells them that she remembers everything after they tell her, but she is not able to remember it on her own.  This makes her panic, but Tom tells her to think through her problem.  Amelia thinks through what is happening and comes to the conclusion that her memory loss is normal and should only be temporary.  After her scans, Tom clears Amelia to go home, but she wants to see her scans because she feels like something is still wrong.  She doesn’t feel right and needs to know what is happening so she wants to continue to run tests.  

In a heart to heart with Meredith, Megan tells her that she said no to Riggs because she believes he loves Meredith and that they should be together.  Meredith then tells Megan she also declined Riggs because she thinks that he and Megan should be together.  She tells Megan that Riggs still loves her and that he moved heaven and earth for her (bringing her son back from Baghdad).  

Shhh ok, fine I’ll tell you the end of Amelia’s story before I go any further with the others because I know it’s killing you not knowing what is happening to her.  Deluca, noticing how Amelia was seeming to spiral about not feeling right, brings Amelia her tumor.  Deluca doesn’t think that anything is wrong with Amelia because he believes that she is trying to feel how she felt before, but the way she felt before was what was wrong (because of the tumor).  Amelia finally lets go of the idea that something is wrong with her, and Hunt arrives to speak with her.  Hunt asks Amelia to come back home, and she gives him an out because he “married a tumor.” She tells him that he can be free because she doesn’t even know who she is without the tumor (because she has had it for so long), but Owen sticks to his vows and continues to press her to go home with him.  Amelia finally agrees and goes home with Owen at the end of the episode.  

After praying she won’t have to unplug Amelia, April lays on one of the beds in the ER and Arizona tells her to go home.  April confesses that she doesn’t want to go home because she doesn’t have Harriet to go home too (because Jackson has her that night).  Arizona tells her to make a new normal, to go out and do things that will eventually be the things she does all the time.  April opens up to Arizona and tells her that she doesn’t want a new normal.  

Arizona goes home and receives a text from Sophia, who is currently living with Callie in New York, that says she wants to move home.  Does this mean Callie is coming back? Or will Sophia move back to live with Arizona? Only time will tell on this one, and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about what this might lead to.

And, lastly, because I think it is important to note: Meredith is visibly upset after leaving Riggs with Megan and her son after they were reunited, presumably because Riggs was reunited with Megan, and she can’t be reunited with Derek.   

And now, your guide to all the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ relationships that Shonda keeps throwing at us:

Meredith and Riggs

As sad as it makes me to say, I think the idea of Mer and Riggs getting together is fleeting.  Especially with the blossoming friendship Mer seems to have with Megan.  I wouldn’t hold out hope for this relationship between Riggs and Mer, but at the same time, Shonda might throw in a twist even still.  Unfortunately, for now, we’ll just have to keep guessing.

Megan and Riggs

I don’t know where to stand on this one, but after the heart to heart Megan had with Meredith, it seems more likely than Mer and Riggs getting together.  Only time will tell us if Megan decides to listen to Mer and take Riggs back.

Owen and Amelia

I thought this relationship was doomed but maybe now that Amelia’s tumor is gone, the two can finally come back together and have a healthy relationship.  I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet, but I think that it is likely this relationship will piece itself back together.

Owen and Teddy

As sad as it makes me to say this, there’s no news on this one.  I think Owen and Teddy are pretty much done, especially now that he is trying to make it work with Amelia.  I’m still holding out hope that Shonda’s got a twist in store for this relationship, but, for now, we’ll just have to keep dreaming.

Alex and Jo

Happily back together???? I sure as heck hope so.  As you all know this is my favorite couple to ever grace the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ set, so as you can imagine, I’ve very happy that Jo and Alex are back together.  I love them together and I will always stand by this decision.  Shonda better not play any more games gosh just let them be happy they have been through enough.  

Jackson and April

Sorry #Japril fans, I think this one is over.  It’s safe to say that April probably doesn’t want it to be, but I don’t think Jackson feels the same way.  I think the sexual tension between Avery and Maggie is too strong and it’s only a matter of time before they get together…unless the twist that Shonda sneaks in at the end of this episode gets in the way of course.

Jackson and Maggie

Awkward joking? Rushed conversations?  Sexual tension is high with these two and it’s only a matter of time before they get together…or…so we thought.  After Maggie goes to dinner with Richard at the home he shares with Catherine, I thought it was safe to assume that these two are going to get together.  They had an awkward conversation while Richard and Catherine fought about telling Avery about his inheritance (a quarter of a million dollars) from Harper Avery.  Over wine, they discuss how their parents are good people, but the two didn’t really put two and two together that night.  The next day, during a sweet apologetic moment between Jackson and Maggie, Catherine walks in and points out that the two are technically siblings.  Though they are not at all blood related, this could play into the twist that might keep the two of them apart.

Arizona and Carina

Still not exactly sure on this one, but with Sophia’s impending return, this could spell trouble.  I hope for Arizona’s sake that it doesn’t because she has been through a lot but I think it is very possible that with a child in the mix, Carina might not stick around.  It also begs the question, does Arizona want her to stick around?  Only time will tell on this one.  


Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the third episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments!  Tune in in 2 weeks (Yes, sadly you’re going to have to wait until the episode on the 26th airs) for my recap of season 14 episode 4! Until then!





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