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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E15

Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode starts with Owen and Amelia sleeping together, and explaining how they like their relationship being “no strings attached.” Owen’s alarm goes off and he has to go because it’s intern trauma certification day. On a personal note: I don’t think Owen really knows what no strings attached means. At her house, Arizona is trying to get Sophia out of bed and she starts crying. Arizona asks her what’s wrong, and she tells her that she misses her friends in New York with Callie. Arizona asks Sophia to come to the hospital with her instead of going to school.

At the hospital, Avery pages Maggie and they start to hook up in the supply closet, but quickly decide they should wait until later. They walk out of the storage room and Richard and Katherine are standing right outside. Understandably, things got pretty awkward and Maggie makes a quick exit.

Meanwhile, Mer is packing up her lab because everything needs to go back to where it was now that she doesn’t have the patent. Jo tells her not to pack everything up because she has good news but Mer continues packing, however, she does stop to congratulate Jo on getting engaged. Jo thanks her, but tells her that wasn’t the good news she was talking about.  She tells Mer that she was up all night looking for a device that could replace the one they lost because of Mer’s Aunt. Mer tells her there isn’t any hope for it and continues packing. Bailey pokes her head into the room because she is looking for an intern. Jo tells her that they aren’t there because they are at trauma certification with Hunt. Bailey needs an someone to help her, so Mer tells her to take Jo to help with her crush injury.

In the hallway, Amelia and Owen are talking about their relationship, but Amelia brushes the conversations off and walks away because there are “no strings attached.”  April approaches Hunt because she wants to run the trauma training with him. He tells her no, but she insists and he gives in to let her help. While walking to see their patient, Jo tells Bailey about Mer, but Bailey says it’s too bad and more chance for her to win the contest if Mer drops out. Bailey is treating an astronaut who got crushed by a giant magnet. Bailey is a huge fan and she tells Bailey what she was working on when she got crushed. She tells Bailey (in very technical jargon) what she was working on and Bailey realizes that she was building a time machine. They take her to get a scan and do a  brain CT to make sure she is okay (because she is building a time machine and might be legit bonkers). Meanwhile, Webber, Avery, and Katherine go to meet with their patient and Katherine voices her concern (masked) about Maggie and Avery getting together.

Arizona and Sophia go to check in on one of Arizona’s patients, and the patient’s son Noah (about the same age as Sophia) is there. The patient has pain, so Arizona tells him and Sophia to go and sit off to the side while Arizona examines his mom. She decides to admit the mother because she is having contractions and the baby isn’t ready to be born yet.

Maggie goes to see Mer, who is still packing up the lab.  She tells Mer about what happened that morning with her and Jackson. And Mer was confused, because she hadn’t realized that Maggie was seeing Jackson.  As soon as Mer questions her, she questions Mer about dropping out of the contest. Mer says she couldn’t go through with it because it would kill her mother and says she’s fine because her mother crushed her dreams all the time.

Owen and April are running trauma training. April goes back to when she “won” the trauma certification herself, and starts yelling at the interns about what to do.  While the interns are training, Bailey and Jo are going over surgical plans with Maggie and Amelia. Alex comes in and they joke about the name of Bailey’s device for the contest.

Back at the certification, April keeps “killing” the interns patients and Owen tells her that if she keeps it up, the interns aren’t going to learn anything. She disregards what he said and turns to before telling her that DeLuca got hit with a hunk of metal (as part of the drill) and that she needs to save him. He tries to protest, but she tells him to lay down (and he listens). Owen says he’s leaving and DeLuca begs him not to go, but he does anyway. She tells him to act like he is in pain because he just got hit with a hunk of metal. Meanwhile, back inside the hospital, Arizona talks to Alex and Amelia about how her patient’s son laughs uncontrollably and explains a case she had where that’s happened before with a patient.  The ultimate diagnosis for that patient was that they were having seizures, and she thinks the same might be happening to this kid.

Owen goes to see Amelia to talk about his cheating. He is claiming that just because he cheated doesn’t make him a cheater, especially because she told him to go to Teddy (and he listened). Which–another side note…he cheated on Christina as well.  I mean really Owen; you’re not slick! Amelia tells him that he was supposed to say no. He tells her that’s not fair. He told her that he didn’t have a choice, but she points out that she was the one without a choice (because she had a brain tumor), he just didn’t think.  Owen explains how he feels about Teddy and she tells him that their marriage never had a chance because Teddy is Owen’s Tumor.

April is making it rain with a hose, and tells Helm’s team they are winning. DeLuca wants to know if the hose is necessary, but he is “dying” and Sam yells at him. They then start yelling at each other in Italian and and Spanish. Owen comes back and asks April what she is doing.  She tells him that she got rained on during her certification and during her justification as to why these interns should also be subjected to that, Helm starts yelling in French. He tells her that she is breaking them but she isn’t stopping. She gets a page and runs off, handing the hose to Owen, who promptly turns it off.  He tells everyone to relax and Glasses bursts into tears.

While getting ready to go into their surgery, Katherine and Avery start arguing in the scrub room about the fact that he is dating Maggie. Their patient is listening from the table, and while they are arguing, she gets up and leaves the OR. They chase after her and catch her in the hallway, where she tells them that they can’t cut into her until she has their full attention. Elsewhere in the hospital, Bailey goes to check in with her patient. They tell her what’s wrong (a fistula), and they have to go in and dissect it so it doesn’t get worse. Bailey voices her concern for her patient’s project, and her patient tells her that she might never crack it, but she doesn’t want to be someone who doesn’t try. This line is especially inspiring to Jo, who is with Bailey.

Arizona’s patient is hyperventilating, and Sophia tells her mother that her patient is scared.  She is worried about her son, because Arizona just told her what is wrong with his laughing. They tell her that he is going to be okay, and she wishes that they could have waited to tell her about it.  Arizona said that they didn’t have the time to wait, because every time he has a seizure he experiences brain damage. Sophia holds the patient’s hand to comfort her, but after one calming moment, the patient screams out in pain. They rush her into surgery. Alex and Amelia are doing a scan on Arizona’s patient. They realize he is, in fact, having seizures.  In the lounge, Webber tells Katherine that he is mad at her because Maggie is amazing and that is it an honor that she would even consider dating Avery. He leaves them to work out their differences and to decide if they can do the surgery today. Katherine and Avery talk before going to apologize to their patient. Katherine tells Avery it’s not about him it’s about Richard because she loves him. She thinks that his relationship with Maggie might ruin her relationship with Richard.  She wants him to have love but not to cost her her’s. Avery tells her that Richard isn’t his father meaning that he is a lot better than his father ever was.

Maggie, Bailey and Jo talk about time travel while operating on their patient. They realize their patient is actively bleeding, but they can’t find where it is.  In another OR, Avery, Webber, and Katherine are competing their surgery. Avery tells Katherine that he really likes Maggie. He tells Katherine that she can take Maggie’s side if it goes wrong (so that it doesn’t tear her marriage apart). Back in Bailey’s OR, they find the bleed, but her BP is bottoming out. Jo opens her stomach in an attempt to save her and stop the bleeding. Outside of the ORs, Owen and Amelia are arguing because he wants to see her logic behind her saying Teddy is his tumor. She explains it using her patient’s tumor. She tells him that Teddy isn’t as messed up as the rest of them, which is why she rejected Owen when he tried to get her a few months prior. She tells him to get it together and tell Teddy how he really feels because he’s single now, and the time couldn’t be better.

In surgery, Arizona’s patient opens up to her about how she left the baby’s father. She explains that she left because she would have a husband, and her new baby would have a father, but Noah would never have a father.  She said that it’s probably why she didn’t notice her son’s laugh and she just wants to go back in time so she can notice.

April goes back to the trauma certification.  When talking to one of the interns, she finds out that it was him who paged her to a trauma that didn’t exist.  She says that she cheated on her certification and then, when she had to do it in real life, the patient died. When they ask her if she wants to pause the training, she explains to everyone that in real life trauma doesn’t stop which is why there are no pauses. Kepner tells them that there are no rules and if it wasn’t clear before, it is now that she is unraveling. It’s clear that she is broken over the death of Matt’s wife.

Back in the OR, Bailey’s patient passed away in surgery. Bailey tells Jo that the patient was crazy, but sometimes that’s okay because sometimes it’s just a fine line to being a genius and making a breakthrough. Bailey decides she’s going to call her device the trailblazer in honor of her patient, who was trying to be a trailblazer. In the other OR, Jackson’s patient comes out of surgery fine. He leaves (I’m assuming to go see Maggie) and runs into Kepner. He asks her if she’s okay, but she just keeps walking by him. He stops her by grabbing her arm and tells her to come into the supply closet to talk to him. He asks what’s happening and gives her a hug, because she’s clearly upset. She kisses him, but he tells her no. He tells her to talk to him, but she just tells him to take Harriet and storms out of the room without any more explanation as to why.

Jo barges into the lab and tells Mer that she is being a wormhole for her mother.  Mer is confused, but Jo tells her it’s because Ellis did something 30 years ago and it’s still affecting them. Jo tells her that Ellis would want her to do the crazy thing and change the future. Mer pulls the plans out of the trash and tells Jo they have to get to work.

Jackson and Maggie start talking and Maggie realizes that he has Harriet with him (thus ruining dinner plans). She tells him they have plenty of time. Meanwhile, Amelia and Alex tell Arizona that Noah’s tumor is inoperable. They say that they can try the laser on him, but that’s the only option. Arizona doesn’t want to tell the mother that option because it’s never been tested on a person before, but they tell her again that it is their only choice.  They go to talk to the mother. In one of the storage closets, April puts all the dummies away from the training exercise. While she is doing that, she sits on the ground and doesn’t move, clearly spiraling further and farther out of control.

Outside the hospital, Owen gets in a cab to go to the airport and at her house, Arizona is putting Sophia to sleep.  While she is saying goodnight, she starts crying and Sophia asks if she is okay. Arizona tells Sophia that she is lucky to have her and that she gets busy and forgets how lucky she is sometimes.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the fourteenth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments! Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 15! Until then!

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