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Episode Recap: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S14E10

Alright, here we go again with the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap for this week, but for starters, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far, you can find my recaps of them below:

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The episode begins with Ben and Bailey riding in the car with Tuck. Bailey taking pictures of him for his history day presentation, because he is dressed up and she wants to commemorate it (as any mom would). After they drop Tuck off, Ben tries to talk to Bailey, but she won’t listen to Ben when he tries to talk about his day, because it makes her anxious. She tells him that she has indigestion, and as they are driving, she tells Ben to pull over.  They are outside Seattle Press, and Bailey gets out of the car.  Ben thinks that he made Bailey mad, but she says she made him stop because she has a meeting at Seattle Press.  Ben drops her off there and she walks in and tells the nurse (really calmly) that she believes that she is having a heart attack. When the doctor comes to her bed, she makes the doctor give her her chart. She tells him to run a test and he tried to say no, but she tells him to do it anyway and shows him where to put the sensors. He says the results look perfectly normal, so because he isn’t taking her pain seriously, she sends him away to get whoever is in charge.

We enter a flashback next, to a woman, who I assume to be Bailey’s mom calling for her.  After a few moments, a young (maybe six-year-old) Bailey pops up with a book and claims she was just reading in a tree.  Her mother scolds at her because she is late, and tells her next time she shouldn’t read in a tree, she should read on the porch swing where her mother can see her.  Back in the present, Bailey calls and asks Webber to cover her service and Grey Sloan. She goes over her patients needs, and you can see Webber is confused as to why Bailey is calling out sick (because it’s so out of character for her). She doesn’t tell him what is happening, yet hangs up the phone when a nurse speaks over the intercom system paging one of the Seattle Press doctors.  She’s convinced she’s having a heart attack and the doctor (Chief of Surgery at Seattle Press) doesn’t think she is. She wants a full cardiac workup to prove it, but won’t admit to all the stress she is experiencing. She tells the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Press to stop pretending that she can’t handle stressful situations because she is a woman (PREACH IT BAILEY).

After the Chief leaves, the patient next to Bailey pulls the curtain back and starts talking to her. She has a broken femur because of a motorcycle crash. She says everyone has the need to be a little bit reckless, and Bailey seems to adamantly disagree before we are thrown into another flashback.  This time, her mom continues to be overprotective, this time because Bailey was riding a bike without training wheels.  Bailey is angry because she says everyone makes fun of her for still using training wheels while she is in junior high school. Snapping back to reality, Bailey talks to the Chief about her medical history. She criticizes him to tell him that he’s missing signs because he’s looking at her symptoms like that of a male heart attack. Because she is on medication, however, she’s forced to talk about her OCD, and this gives the Chief plenty of reason to suspect she isn’t really having a heart attack. She stands up to him, but she is trying to convince him she needs a cardiac stress test, which he doesn’t think she needs. He tells her she doesn’t need one so she wants a second opinion. At that, we are thrown into another flashback, however, not from bailey’s childhood.  This time, she flashes back to when she and Ben talked about what to do if she needed to be put on life support (she didn’t want it). The Chief of Surgery, who is a Yale graduate, as Bailey continually points out,  sends a psychologist to consult on Bailey because he isn’t taking her illness or pain seriously (LITERALLY EVERY DOCTOR TO EVERY WOMAN EVER AMIRITE?).

Maggie gets a call from Bailey, who tells her to meet her in the Seattle Press pit because she needs a second opinion.  She doesn’t want Maggie to say anything, just to come over and help her. Meanwhile, the psychologist is trying to get Bailey to open up, but she continues to claim that she is having a heart attack. He asks her for a consult, on a patient, and event though bailey sees right through it, he begins to read her own chart back at him, finishing with the fact that he sees no support or coping mechanisms that would prove her case to be correct. So, in typical Bailey fashion, she plays along, and uses her extensive knowledge of medical conditions to prove the doctor wrong, and that she in fact, could be having a heart attack, which is why they should do a stress test.  

We are brought into yet another flashback, and this time, it is of a teenage Bailey who is excited to get into her top college.  Her mom is on the other hand, is not excited, and shoots her down because of how far away it is. Her mom isn’t happy that that is where Bailey wants to go to school, and it makes Bailey upset that her mom isn’t supporting her.  She isn’t sure why her mom is so overprotective of her.  Snapping back to the present, Bailey calls Tuck to find out how his presentation went. He tells her that he got a standing ovation and you can hear the pride in her voice. Although, a few seconds later he hangs up before she can say I love you which clearly breaks her heart. You can tell that she isn’t sure if she is going to survive the heart attack because the doctors are not taking her pain seriously and they are not treating her.  Bailey then hears a choking noise, and she pulls back the curtain to see that her friend (with the broken leg) is in pain.  Bailey immediately calls for help.

Webber and Maggie both show up at Seattle Press and they are both looking for Bailey. Neither of them will admit that they are looking for her however because they both know that Bailey doesn’t want anyone to know that she is at Seattle Press for anything other than business.  They pretend they are Bailey’s family in order to see her in the ER. the nurse gives them her bed number and when they go to see her they realize that she is not there. They find her one bed over, trying to help the woman with the broken leg.  Bailey is calling a code blue and diagnosing the bike patient, because she is clearly a much better doctor than anyone at Seattle Press (although honestly, I think I would also be a much better doctor than any of the doctors at Seattle Press). After the Seattle Press team takes over, Bailey turns to get  out of the way, but she quickly collapses when she when she sees Webber and Maggie.

Maggie and Webber are treating Bailey after she collapsed. However, the Chief shows up and Maggie tells him that they need an OR.  He tells her that she doesn’t have privileges to work at Seattle Press.  He won’t give Maggie or Webber privileges in order to treat Bailey so he takes her for the procedure instead. While she is on the table, Bailey wants to know why men never listen to women, which she then starts relating to star wars. She calls him an Ewok as an insult, but he seems to brush it off as an effect of the sedation.

Meanwhile, Maggie is pacing and Webber says that they are always taking care of others as doctors, but they aren’t checking in on each other enough. Maggie asks where Ben is, but Webber says that if Bailey wanted him there he would have been there. Maggie asks Webber how he is, but he says that he will be okay once Bailey is okay.

Bailey comes out of the procedure and Webber updates her. They want to transfer her to Grey Sloan and admit her to Maggie’s service instead of leaving her at Seattle Press because it was a big deal that bailey get the treatment that she needs. She said they can’t transfer her because she can’t admit weakness. This then leads us into another flashback of Bailey’s childhood where she is talking with her dad. He said that her mother is overprotective because she is trying to keep Bailey alive like she couldn’t keep her sister alive. Bailey is in shock that she had a sister, and her dad explains that her sister only lived two months.  Snapping back to Bailey in the present, she declines and tells them that there will be absolutely no transfers. She said that she will be back to work tomorrow once she gets treated because it is not a big deal. Bailey then says that what happens stays at Seattle Press, but before she can finish her sentence her cardiac rhythm changes drastically and they have to put the oxygen mask on her and page Maxwell (the Chief of Seattle Press).

Maggie is yelling at the doctor for not doing the proper tests in order to prevent Bailey from being in the situation she is now in. Meanwhile, Bailey is having flashbacks with George, Derek, Callie, Charles, and to the shooting in general. She grabs Webber’s hand, and he tells her to keep breathing. While Bailey is panicking, Maggie is telling the doctor that he needs to do a procedure. He tells her they are just going to open her up, but Maggie fights back because they don’t need to crack her chest.  Maxwell doesn’t know how to perform the surgery Maggie is talking about, so he doesn’t want to listen.  Maggie asks for privileges to work in the hospital to perform surgery on Bailey. He says no, so Webber jumps in and vogues for her. After a few seconds of suspenseful hesitation, Maxwell agrees and Maggie gets privileges to take Bailey to surgery.

In a flashback, Bailey’s mom is trying to talk her out of going to school for surgery and instead going into speech pathology. After a few moments of insisting, Bailey yells at her that she is not her sister. Her mother is taken aback, and before she can scold her husband, young Bailey jumps back in.  She continues to say that her mother needs to be happy for her for doing what will make her happy. She tells her mother that she is not scared and that she is happy.  At the end of the flashback, we see that Bailey is in the OR now, and she tells Maggie to call Ben before getting put under anesthesia. Maggie scrubs in and goes to operate.

Ben is getting hotdogs at a cart after working for the day at the fire station. As he is leaving, he gets a call from Webber. He drops the hotdogs and starts running. Meanwhile, in the OR, Maggie is furious. She says that she is grateful that Bailey fought for herself in order to get the treatment she needed,  but that she is furious that she had to fight in the first place. Maggie is mad because bailey deserved to be taken care of better than that and to have her pain taken seriously.  As Maggie is yelling at Maxwell, bailey goes into v fib and they need to use the internal paddles.  Meanwhile, as Bailey is crashing, Ben is still running to the hospital. When he finally arrives, Webber updates him on what is going on. He sits down, and is visibly upset, because she had told him it was just indigestion, when really she thought she was having a heart attack.  We are then catapulted into  flashback though Ben and Bailey’s relationship over the seasons, from one of their first dates to when they almost broke off their engagement.  Back in the present, Webber and Ben are talking in the waiting room about how stubborn Bailey is. Webber tells Ben that she’s the strongest woman he has ever met.  While they are waiting, Catherine shows up with food for the two of them to eat.

Webber goes to check on the woman who was in the ER next to Bailey with the fractured leg.  She is fine thanks to Bailey, and Webber knows that if Bailey makes it out of surgery that she would want to know how she is doing.  The woman asks how Bailey is doing because she saved her life and is grateful to her.

Bailey is awake (Yay!)! Maggie is there with her and she updates Bailey on the surgery. Ben shows up and Maggie leaves, giving them time to be together. Ben is crying because he thought he was going to lose her. He tells Bailey he quit the station, but she tells him that he is not a quitter and to call the station back. Bailey then tells him it terrifies her that he puts his life on the line every day and that the feeling he has in this moment is how she feels every day.  Then she adds that life is too short and precious to do anything less than what makes you happy. While she isn’t happy about him pursuing a career as a firefighter, she makes him promise that he will build her a treehouse to read in (like how she was reading in the tree in her flashback!!). Honestly, UGH they’re so in L-O-V-E I’m so happy they made up finally.

In the end, Bailey calls her mom. Her mom starts to go off about other things and when she is done, Bailey tells her that she is hurt. She explains to her mom that she had a heart attack and that she was scared, but that she is okay. She tells her mother that she had surgery and that she is going to be okay and her mom said that she knows Bailey will be okay because she is her Mandi.

Now that I’ve got you caught up, you’ll be able to watch the next episode without feeling like you missed anything (hopefully).  I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the tenth episode of season 14, as well as my personal comments!  Tune in next week for my recap of season 14 episode 11! Until then!


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