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ENTMM Crowns Gabriel Gibbs

The annual Emerson’s Next Top Male Model competition has once again named a winner, Gabriel Gibbs, a freshman BFA Musical Theater major. The unsuspecting victor tried out on a whim. He had heard from former Top Model winner and his current RA Lane Brenner about how much fun it was and thought that it would be a great experience.
“I honestly had no expectations at all,” reveals Gibbs, a novice when it comes to the modeling world. As the winner, he clearly found a way to overcome his beginner-status, but not without a few challenges first. Gabe says, “the hardest part was to know what exactly to do with your face and body are doing at all times,” which includes his strut down the runway. Just as in the television series ANTM, this year’s ENTMM introduced the walk-off competition at the Converse store on Newbury between the two top finalists, Danny Tehrani and Gabe. While walking down the runway, many thoughts went through his head, everything from “don’t trip” to “if only my father was here.”
Looking back on his time in the contest, one photo shoot did stand out among the rest; the group photo of the finalists. Not only was the photo shoot fun for him because he got to spend time with the entire group, but they were also paraded around Emerson’s campus to get to the location. Which Gabe says, “that’s honestly only the second time that’s happened was painted.”
The Emerson’s Next Top Male Model winner is still in disbelief that he got as far as he did and actually one. He says, “I am just very flattered to be honest. It’s a very nice honor, given to a very clueless and thankful kid,” proving he really was the best choice. Despite being chosen as the winner of a looks-based competition Gibbs is still as humble as ever.
Look out for Gabe as the host of next semester’s sister competition, Emerson’s Next Top Model. 

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