An Emerson Unicorn


Image via Your Magazine's November 2012 issue. Photographer: Mimi Vecchione 

Generally, when people think of Emerson College, sports tend to be the last thing that comes up in their minds. Of course, the different teams around campus are outshined by unhealthy amounts of glitter, crazy hooligans riding witch brooms around playing Quidditch and other fantastical qualities about this school. However, Her Campus Emerson had the pleasure of interviewing one of the rare unicorns here: Alex Frapech. Alex is a freshman Communication Studies major, but he is also a member of Emerson’s volleyball team and he was just dubbed Emerson’s Next Top Male Model last semester. Talk about versatile! Alex told me he started playing volleyball in sixth grade, but he said that he will probably give it up later for something else, but at the moment, it is one of the things he likes to do the most. He described sports as being a tool for learning how to communicate and come together with people he may not normally be friends with to achieve a common goal.

 Alex also described his recent modeling experience and he said, “It was a little weird for me because I have never put on makeup or had to pose for a certain shot before. When I won I felt shocked, I honestly didn’t think I would win.”  Although some guys here at Emerson wear make-up, for this model, it was a new experience, and despite being out of his athletic comfort zone, he snagged the win!  In the end, Alex said that he learned that he can be comfortable in front of the camera. For winning, Alex told HCE that he got some cool t-shirts, a couple photo-shoots and an awesome spread in Your Magazine!

Being as successful as he is so far, I couldn’t resist asking what Alex has planned for his future. He said that his main goal is to be a “sports broadcaster for E.S.P.N. or another sports network”. This all-star says that he plans on getting there by “studying communications here at Emerson”. Since this didn’t relate to his most recent achievement, I asked him what his plans were in regards to modeling. He said that he would like to continue modeling, “maybe as a part-time job to make some money.”

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I also couldn’t resist asking this well-achieved student what his ideal date would be. He said it would be “a fancy dinner by the beach.” Too cute. But don’t get too excited ladies, he told me that right now he is not single, but don’t let that break your hearts, ladies, you can always check out a volleyball game to catch this model in action.