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Emerson Students with Major Style: Film Production

Erica Kleckner says that you can either always find her at work, on set, with friends, or shopping. As a freshman Film Production major she’s constantly jumping from set, to work, to class, to crew call, and to set again. “I kind of a shopaholic, but it’s definitely not the biggest thing in my life. Film is. I’d rather be on set than shop but at the same time I want to dress professionally while showing off my style,” said Erica.

Read on to learn about what this passionate film-major’s daily outfits look like and to get a glimpse at her fun fashion sense.

Crew Call Outfit

(dress: Macy’s, jacket: Macy’s, tights: H&M, boots: Steve Madden)

When Erica attends crew calls to be on a film set, the director, director of photography, and producer typically interview her. Erica says she likes to look professional and put-together during crew calls so that it’s obvious that she wants to be taken seriously.

On-Set Outfit

(flannel: Urban Outfitters, pants: Forever 21, boots: Famous Footwear, handy-clipboard: Stapes)

Being on set requires a lot of dedication. Most of the sets Erica has been on this year have been 12-hours long and go on all weekend. In order to stay comfortable, she wears her favorite flannel and stretchy pants. She also must be careful when picking out which shoes to wear because they can’t make any noise while on set!

History of Media Arts Outfit

(dress: Forever 21, socks: Urban Outfitters, boots: Carlos Santana)

History of Media Arts isn’t Erica’s favorite class but getting through this lecture is a little easier when she’s in one of her favorite feel-good dresses.

EDC Work Outfit

(shirt: SPEC Emerson Org, pants: Wet Seal, boots: Famous Footwear)

Last semester Erica was hired to work at the Equipment Distribution Center in the Little Building. Her boss requires her to wear closed-to-shoes and appropriate tops. For work, Erica opts for a simple t-shirt but she spruces it up a little with a pair of fun-patterned jeans. 

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