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Emerson Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Surviving Life at Emerson

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

1.      Sick of the lines in Walker? Don’t forget that the Boylston Place elevators access floors 2, 4, 5, and 6; plus the elevators are more spacious than those in Walker, leaving more room to breathe!

2.      Sick of lines in general? Every Emerson building/dining area has it’s “rush hours.” If you pay attention you can learn to avoid lines and crowds around class and meal times. Just a tip: mid-morning and mid-afternoon on weekdays are generally the worst.

3.      Leave early for class. You’ll have enough time to avoid the crowds between classes, grab a snack, and even take the stairs while still having enough time to grab the best seat in the class.

4.      Grab and Go: Most people know to invest in the little green to-go box from the dining hall, but not as many realize the value of bringing your own thermos/water bottle. Not only will you save the environment by going completely paper free, but you can fit way more coffee into a thermos than in those little paper cups; don’t forget that thermoses can carry soup as well!

Do you find you have more than enough meals left at the end of the semester, but not nearly enough Board Bucks? Then occasionally grab your coffee from the dining hall.

5.      Feeling decorative? You can draw on your room’s lights with dry erase markers for a fun touch that is easily removed by the end of the semester. Wall stickers also make a creative alternative to posters, and they leave no residue

6.      Don’t buy what you don’t have to. Don’t double up on things you know you can borrow from your floor or suitemates, like vacuums or small appliances. If you need to borrow something temporarily, ask if anyone has what you’re looking use before you run out and buy it.

7.      Make requests. Be it asking via napkin in the dining hall for your favorite food or your professor for an extension, you can’t make changes if you don’t ask for them; sometimes people will surprise you.

8.      Take advantage of your resources. You have free basic mental health care, basic health care, writing help, and other services at your disposal; use them while you can! If you’ve been meaning to talk to a counselor about something, but haven’t due to privacy concerns/money, now is your chance! If you have any health concerns at all, talk to the Health and Wellness Center; they can match you up with services that are not only useful but inexpensive, from eye doctors to massage therapists.

9.      So many free things! If you’re looking to get off campus either to do some shopping or explore the sites, look for student discounts! Many places have them, and some attractions are completely free. If you’re an art or history buff, check out the Museum of Fine Arts or the Isabella Stewart Gardner for free with your student ID.

10.  Walk. Many people take the T to get where they need to go, but save money and get some exercise by walking places that aren’t too far out of your way. It’s a great excuse to explore your surroundings.

11.  Students helping students: need a haircut? Look out for local salons, including Vidal Sassoon, who have trainees looking for “models” to practice on; their services are far cheaper than the average salon, and they generally do just as good of a job. The same goes for massage schools, and nail salons. Take advantage of students on campus who have a talent for make-up or doing nails and are charging for their services, which can help both of you out! Need some new clothes? Join up with a clothes swap on campus, or a Facebook group that buys and sells clothes for bargain prices.

12.  Know someone who’s from nearby. They can bring back supplies and homemade food. Enough said.

13.  Know someone who can cook/lives in Colonial. They can cook you yummy things, and they have ovens you can use to whip up some baked goods.


Ashley is a senior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College. She will graduate in December 2016. She loves playing with clothes and make-up, traveling, and drinking way too much coffee. Friends and family, cute animals, (especially her own), and dessert make her happy. 
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