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Emerson Dance Company Presents: SPECTRUM

The Emerson Dance Company performed its show “Spectrum” at the Paramount Mainstage on Thursday, April 7th. The crowd erupted with cheers for the many different styled dances choreographed by Emerson students.

The show consisted of a mix between jazz, tap, lyrical, modern and hip-hop dances. Choreographers included Maddie O’Hara ’17, Megan Sutherland ’17, Krystyana Greaves ’16, Sydney Hark-Odsess ’19, Genna Matarazzo ’17, Jenna Montefiore ’17, Alicia Babin ’19, Peyton Dix ’16, Tina Safford ’18, Zoe Lyrintzis ’17, and Maggie Morlath ’16.

Photography by Nick Eaton ’17

Maddie O’Hara, the president of the Emerson Dance Company, wrote in the program: “I’ve had the pleasure of getting to watch these pieces come together and seeing the choreographers’ work go from paper to stage, coming to life. This semester, I have watched these incredible 58 dancers, all of whom are from different majors, ages, backgrounds, create this show that you are about to watch.”

Photography By Nick Eaton ’17

The students worked hard, choreographing dances in the Paramount studios over the past three months. 

Sydney Hark-Odsess ’19, choreographed a modern tap piece. “I want to say a quick thanks to them for being amazing and making my first choreography experience really great,” she said on behalf of the dancers in her piece. 

Photo via Sydney Hark-Odsess

The show was extremely well received by audience members, and many wait in anticipation for next semester’s production.

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